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Christmas 2022: Top Jewelry Gifts for Your Best Friend

Top Christmas Gifts For Your Best Friend

The holiday season is one of the most important times of the year for many of us. Christmas brings so much joy to our lives, whether it's from getting together with loved ones, or just the overall cheerful vibe from this time of year.

It can't be denied that one of the most important elements of Christmas is gift-giving and receiving. Giving gifts is how you show your love and gratitude to the most important people in your life - including your best friend, of course.

If you're looking for the perfect gift to surprise your BFF with this Christmas, we've got you covered. We've put together a list of handpicked recommendations that we're sure she's going to love. Let's go through them now.


anika earth & sky diamond star charm ring

Anika Earth & Sky Diamond Star Charm Ring

This Anika Earth & Sky Diamond Star Charm Ring is designed to represent the duality of life. It's inspired by balance and harmony. Lab-grown diamonds are studded along half of the band.

The ring features two four-point star charms that each have their own diamond in the center. Each of the stars can represent your friendship - one for you and one for her.

anika seed adjustable diamond bar ring

Anika Seed Adjustable Diamond Bar Ring

The Anika Seed Adjustable Diamond Bar Ring is meant to motivate the wearer to grow and flourish every day. It's a delicate adjustable ring, inspired by eternal growth. Just like your friendship continues to grow over time.

Every detail is considered in this ring, down to the single lab-grown solitaire sparkling diamond embedded on the curved bar. It's finished elegantly with a diamond-embellished circle and seed motif that drops from the adjustable chain.


three prong lab diamond tennis bracelet

Three Prong Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This is a simple and elegant tennis bracelet that shimmers with each move you make. If your best friend has a glamorous sense of style, this would make an incredible gift. It's set with a single row of brilliant cut diamonds within elegant three-prong baskets.

entwined t-bar bracelet

Entwined T-Bar Bracelet

This entwined T-bar bracelet is one you can't go wrong with. The classic T-bar is the star of the piece. It's highlighted by textured detailing and a tactile rope chain that's inspired by a vintage style. If your best friend loves vintage-inspired jewelry pieces, consider this bracelet as a Christmas gift for her.


elements mini heart diamond studs

Elements Mini Heart Diamond Studs

These Elements Mini Heart Diamond Studs are a beautiful gift to give your best friend on Christmas. Pave diamonds are inside heart-shaped studs. They are tiny tokens of love that can be worn every day. These earrings are a great gift option if you want to give something special to your BFF but don't have a large budget.

clover diamond stud/drop earrings

Clover Diamond Stud/Drop Earrings

These Clover Diamond Stud/Drop Earrings would make a lovely gift. The chain and drop element is detachable, making this the perfect jewelry piece for the night into day. Having both the stud and drop style is like giving two gifts in one. It’s nice having two options throughout the day. The stud part is a clover surrounded by sparkling diamonds.


clover diamond locket necklace

Clover Diamond Locket Necklace

This Clover Diamond Locket Necklace is an ideal Christmas gift for your best friend. The clover is a mini locker, which makes a perfect keepsake for a photo, message, or any other small trinket your friend wants to keep inside. You can give it to her with a photo of the two of you inside, so she can carry your friendship with her whenever she wears this necklace.

entwined double barouque pearl necklace

Entwined Double Barouque Pearl Necklace

If your best friend likes luxurious jewelry items, consider gifting her this Entwined Double Baroque Pearl Necklace. It's vintage-inspired, with two styles in one. The necklace chain is entwined, and on the chain, you'll find two one-of-a-kind Baroque pearls.

Baroque pearls are natural gemstones that can be found in many places around the world. They each have a different shape due to how they were formed. This necklace is unique, elegant, and iconic. A wonderful Christmas gift to show your best friend how much she means to you.


No one knows your best friend better than you do. You likely know her style, her preferences, her likes, and her dislikes. Chances are when you come across a piece of jewelry you're sure she'll like, it will stick out to you and you'll know it's the right piece. Anything chosen with love and intention makes a memorable and important gift that your best friend is sure to cherish.


What kind of jewelry will be best for gifting on Christmas?

All types of jewelry make incredible Christmas gifts. It all depends on the recipient’s personal preferences. Some popular jewelry options include earrings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets, and rings. Within each of these categories, there is a multitude of styles and designs to choose from.

Are Baroque pearls in style?

Yes, Baroque pearls are in style. They are commonly found in modern jewelry pieces such as necklaces. Their lustre adds a touch of elegance to anything they are included in. More and more people are looking for unique jewelry pieces that stand out, which is where the irregular shapes of Baroque pearls come in handy.

What does a clover symbolize?

Clovers are known to symbolize luck, hope, love, and faith.

Is diamond jewelry a good gift for a close friend?

Yes, any type of diamond jewelry makes an incredible gift option for a close friend.
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