Everything You Need to Know About Earrings

Everything You Need to Know About Earrings

With Clarity has curated a collection of earrings that are classic staples that can fit the style of any woman. Our aim is to showcase the beauty of the high quality gemstones and diamonds that we use with the shine of beautiful precious metals. Together, this combination creates striking and memorable designs that any woman would love to wear for years to come. Our earrings come in many designs, sizes and colors to suit the style of every woman.

Earring Styles


Solitaire or stud earrings are the most classic earring styles. They usually consist of a single gemstone or diamond held by a precious metal backing They are worn close to the ear and face-up showcase the color and sparkle of the center gemstone. These are the perfect earrings for daily wear, and depending on the size can be beautiful when worn on special occasions.

Typically, stud earrings consist of a head, which holds the gemstone attached to a post which goes through the ear piercing. The post is secured to the ear with a backing. The backing can either be push-back or screw-back. Push backings glide onto the post and are held in place by friction. These backing provide an easy to wear, yet secure fastening. Whereas, screw backings screw in place onto the post. This provides an added level of security and is the better option for larger earrings.

The beauty of a stud earring is that it gives the illusion that the gemstone is floating on the ear. This creates a subtle beauty while showcasing the color of the natural gemstone or the sparkle of the diamond. Studs are easy to wear and smaller than other earring styles. This makes them a perfect choice for girls and women of all ages. Studs are always a safe gifting option as they flatter all types of skin tones and face shapes. When building a personal collection of jewelry, we recommend purchasing a pair of studs first in a favorite gemstone or in diamonds, as they are staples that can be worn with any kind of attire.


Hoops are another versatile earring style that flatter all types of face shapes. Hoops can also be created in a variety of sizes with all metals and gemstones. They can be complex or simple for everyday wear. The hoop style designates a metal and gemstone that come together and in a circular fashion move from the front of the ear towards the back, where the earrings are secured through the ear piercing. Hoops can be large circles or small circles that hug closer to the earlobe. Additionally, they can vary in thickness and weight. Finally, hoops can be set with gemstones or diamonds for extra color and sparkle. More contemporary hoops can also be asymmetrical, or have woven metal elements for a fancier design.

Types of Hoops

With Clarity carries a variety of hoop styles.

  • J Hoops: These hoops do not meet from end to end, rather there is a gap in the back portion. The hoop is held in place with a screw or push backing against the ear lobe. This minimizes the weight and the appearance of metal. The front portion of the earring is set with gemstones or diamonds.
  • Huggies: These hoops sit close against the earlobe, minimizing the gap between the lobe and the bottom the earrings. Huggies are perfect for everyday wear are they are comfortable, secure and less likely to get caught on clothing. Huggies can be set with multiple smaller gemstones or a larger single gemstone.
  • Prong Set Hoops: These are closer to traditional hoop earrings, with a circular shape and a prong clasp that holds the earring in place. These earrings are typically set with gemstones and diamonds. With hoops that sit a little further from the ear, the movement of the wearer allows the sparkle to really come alive.


Halo earrings are a stunning choice, and the perfect complement to a fancy or everyday look. Halo earrings typically contain a single gemstone that is surrounded by a circle of diamonds or another complementary gemstone. The halo adds an artistic design element and also accentuates the size of the center gemstone. When crafting halo earrings, we take care to match the quality of the accent halo gems with the center stone, this ensures a flawless and uniform look.

Halo earrings are available with many center stone shapes including round, cushion, oval and princess. Additionally, halo elements can also be combined with other earring styles to create dangle earrings. Halo earrings are a bit fancier than studs but can still be worn everyday.


Drop earrings typically hang below the earlobe and can be secured in a variety of ways. They can also vary in length and shape. In its most classic variation the drop earring is simply a basket that holds the central gemstone and is secured with a lever backing.

Other variations include a variety of shapes and sizes that are held in place in the ear with a hook or french wire backing. This backing balances the weight of the earring by having the hook pull through the piercing. This provides a comfortable fit while ensuring that the earring is secure.

Drop earrings can also have multiple gems linked to one another and be as long or short as you desire. This earring style is truly versatile and can be worn casually or formally very easily. Because of the variation in styles, it also makes for a unique gift.


Contemporary earring styles incorporate many of the basic elements and build upon them with additional design. Examples of contemporary earrings include clusters, intricate metal designs and incorporation of a variety of gemstone shapes.

Clusters are a great choice as they bring together multiple uniform pieces of the same gemstone into one circular or floral shaped design. This gives the illusion of a larger gemstone from a distance. Contemporary earrings also incorporate more metalwork into their designs, for memorable designs. Because they are available in a variety of shapes and backings, contemporary earrings can be a beautiful match for any face type.

Earring Metals

Yellow Gold and White Gold Earrings

14kt White Gold

14kt White gold is a metal that is very commonly used for earrings. It has a silvery white luster and is typically rhodium plated to add an extra sheen. Because 14kt white gold is an alloy comprised of 58.3% pure gold and other metals, it has stability and durability. Therefore, it is an optimal choice for earrings that are going to be worn on a regular basis. 14kt white gold is also lighter compared to other metals like platinum. It is a good choice for those who have smaller and thinner earlobes or for younger girls. The gleam of 14kt white gold looks beautiful paired with any gemstone or diamond as it brings out and reflects the innate sparkle of the gem. 14kt white gold is a durable metal that does not corrode or tarnish. It simply requires regular cleaning to maintain it's luster. With a professional cleaning and polishing, this metal can look beautiful for a lifetime.

14kt Yellow Gold

14kt yellow gold is a warm hue that is an excellent choice for gemstone or diamond jewelry. The soft glow of yellow is a beautiful complement for any skin stone. 14kt yellow gold is an alloy made with gold, copper, and silver. Because it is an alloy, it is sturdy and a great option for everyday wear. Although yellow gold is a great choice to wear with any type of gemstone, we recommend wearing it with hues like green and red for a beautiful complement.

14kt Rose Gold

14kt rose gold is a soft pinkish metal that has romantic appeal. It looks visually appealing against both light and dark skin tones. Rose gold is an alloy of copper and gold, which ensures that it is a sturdy metal, suitable for regular wear. Rose gold looks best with warmer toned gems but can be a great match for all other gemstones and diamonds as well. For those that are looking for an interesting alternative to white or yellow gold, this metal choice is the perfect fit.


Platinum is a durable and valuable metal that can be a great choice when purchasing heirloom earrings. Platinum is hypoallergenic as it contains 95% pure platinum and 5% iridium. Platinum has a resistance to corrosion and scratches and does not need to be coated with rhodium plating. It weighs more than gold and is also more dense, making it a great choice if the earrings are going to be worn regularly. If however, your ear lobes are thinner or cannot support heavy earrings, it is recommended that you avoid platinum. Platinum pairs exceptionally well with diamonds and is a great match as both platinum and diamonds are exceptionally durable and hard substances. Platinum is also a good choice for precious gemstones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire.


loose amethyst, peridot, diamond and aquamarine on table


Diamonds are the classic and timeless choice for earrings. Many choose to wear diamond earrings as they are a long-lasting gemstone that can be an heirloom for generations to come. Diamonds are also perfect for earrings as they can be dressed down or worn for special occasions. When crafting diamond earrings, With Clarity ensures that the diamonds match each other for color and clarity. This ensures a uniform and desirable look.

When purchasing diamond earrings, there are many options and styles that are available. Diamond studs are always a classic choice that are sure to flatter any aged woman and provide her with a wardrobe staple that she can wear anywhere. Diamond earrings are available in popular shapes like round, emerald, cushion, marquise, oval and princess. Branching off of that, diamond hoops and halos are also wonderful additions to a jewelry collection.

Halo or cluster earrings can be an excellent choice for diamonds as they accentuate the size of the center diamond and make the earrings appear larger. Most people prefer classic shapes like round followed by princess when selecting an earring shape. Round diamonds are especially preferred as they have the most facets and emit the most sparkle.

Diamonds look beautiful when paired with white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Since diamonds are a hard gemstone, they are ideal for regular wear. Even with regular use, they will not get scratched, or diminish in appearance. With a regular cleaning using warm water and non-abrasive soap, or any diamond cleaner, your earrings will look forever beautiful.

Benefits of Choosing a Certified Diamond

Crafting one's own earrings has a beautiful charm to it especially when certified diamonds are used. This not only ensures that you have a unique product that represents you and an essential moment in your life (we are sure that you will always remember this day), but also a trustworthy piece of jewelry that is worth the price. Certified diamonds that are set in jewelry are worth the price as the resale value on such pieces is much higher in case you do want to sell the piece or upgrade it. Easily said, it is a safe investment that will mean a lot more to you today as well as tomorrow. At With Clarity, we invest our time in only picking out the best-certified diamonds so you can enjoy a fuss-free shopping experience and craft a pair of earrings that will listen to your heart's desires.

Build Your Own Natural or Lab Created Diamond Earrings

Whether a halo or stud style, you can add sparkle with either a natural or a lab grown diamond being rest assured that each of the diamonds is a certified piece. While each mined diamond comes with a GIA certification, the lab grown counterparts have an IGI certificate making shopping a sparkling breeze. With certified diamonds, you know you are getting an authentic sparkle for your buck and will thoroughly know the precise characteristics of your diamond.

According to your preference and budget, you can either opt for a lab grown diamond or a mined diamond and sparkle assured that is the 'right' piece that you have paid for. Due to the increase in lab diamond production today, it is easy enough to find a match for all quality specifications. In fact, today the fluctuation of lab diamonds is much more than that of naturally mined diamonds which may be a cause for concern for those who are looking for long-term resale value. But at the end of it all, as long as you have invested in a certified diamond, your money is safe and right where it should be.


Rubies are a beautiful red hue, known for a deep passionate color as well as an alluring sparkle. Ruby earrings look best when set in white gold or yellow gold, as these metal colors are beautiful complements to the natural red color. Rubies that are larger and have a pigeon blood red color are more prized. Rubies that are too dark or too light and pinkish are not as prized. Although there is no set grading scale for the many attributes of a ruby as there are for a diamond, there are industry accepted overall look of ruby. AAA is the best quality for a ruby. When choosing rubies for a pair of earrings, it is important that the color, cutting and carat weight of the ruby match. Furthermore, the rubies must look like a pair when looked at face-up. Most rubies have inclusions, which are tiny imperfections that occur with the ruby as it is being formed. While it is not possible to find rubies that do not have any inclusions, With Clarity strives to find gems that minimally affect the beauty of the gemstone. The primary aim is to ensure that the rubies maintain their sparkle and are not clouded by the inclusions. Ruby earrings are the perfect gift to commemorate any occasion but are most popularly gifted on a 40th wedding anniversary or for July birthdays. Many also like to gift this passionate red gemstone during Valentine's Day.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is a playful icy blue hue. After sapphire, blue topaz is considered one of the most popular blue gemstones. It is typically mined around the world but come predominantly from Australia, Russia and Brazil. Naturally, blue topaz appears in a soft blue tone. With heat treatment, the color becomes more saturated and a deeper blue. Once treated, this color change is permanent. Blue Topaz is a transparent gemstone with little to no inclusions. This enables the gemstone to shine brilliantly.

Blue Topaz is a versatile gemstone that can be cut into a variety of shapes like round, cushion, princess and oval. With Clarity crafts Blue Topaz earrings with the most exceptionally cut AAA blue topaz. We choose to ensure that each pair of earrings has matching blue topaz gems that have the same hue and cut. When buying blue topaz earrings, white gold is the optimal choice as it brings out the innate sparkle of this gemstone. Round is an excellent choice as the faceting allows for more sparkle to come through. Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December, and can be a great birthday gift. Blue topaz look beautiful when paired with diamonds in a halo or drop style. Because of it's striking hue, it is also a great choice to wear as a solitaire or stud.


Amethyst is an elegant purple hue. It gets it's color from the presence of iron and aluminium impurities in the gemstone. AAA quality amethyst has an even deep purple color with good saturation throughout the gemstone. Amethyst can be found around the world. But most commonly, it comes from Bolivia, Canada and Myanmar. High quality amethyst is transparent meaning that the light passes through unhindered and creates an alluring sparkle that illuminates the purple hue. Amethyst typically does not have inclusions and is an eye-clean gemstone. Amethyst is most commonly cut in round and oval shapes to maximize the show if the purple color. Others that have better color saturation are cut into fancy shapes. With Clarity uses natural, untreated amethyst in all earring designs. When choosing amethysts, With Clarity ensures that a pair is chosen to match in symmetry, sparkle and hue. The royal purple color of amethyst pairs well with white gold and sparkles best in the round shapes.


Emeralds are famed for their sparkling and luxurious green hue. Emerald quality is determined by size and color as well as the lack of inclusions. Emeralds that are a striking green hue and lack inclusions are ones that are more prized and expensive. However, those types of emeralds are rare and difficult to find. Most emeralds do have some inclusions which occur naturally during the growth process and cannot be avoided. Emeralds that have many inclusions can appear opaque, cloudy and have reduced sparkle. When choosing emeralds for earrings, it is important to choose two that are a pair and are the same in hue, saturation, and quality.

Emerald earrings look best when paired with yellow gold and white gold. The yellow or white hues are a natural match for the lively green color of the emerald. Emeralds are available in a variety of shapes including round, cushion, emerald, princess and oval. When choosing emeralds, a halo or classic style may be the best option as it is easy to wear and looks great with any attire. For those that want to showcase a fancy shape or show the sparkle of the gem, a dangling style can achieve that.

Gemstone Buying Guide

For colored gemstones, many jewelers will grade the gemstone based on characteristics like color, clarity and sparkle. For diamonds, it is best to purchase GIA certified diamonds that are graded based on their cut, color, clarity, carat and other qualities. Understanding the quality of the natural gemstone that is being purchased helps to make a better purchasing decision. With Clarity strives to use only AAA certified, high quality gemstones that are all natural. At most With Clarity gemstones have heat treatment that is permanent.


How to clean earrings?

Cleaning your earrings is easy and can be done at home too. You can dip the earrings in a soapy solution for about 5 minutes and then gently clean them with a soft toothbrush. Ensure that the earrings are dried properly. You can also use a soft jewelry cleaning cloth in between these washes to give them a quick clean.

How to clean earring holes?

Hygiene is key when it comes to the piercing. Clean it with a cotton pad or cotton swab dipped in salt or rubbing alcohol to remove any bacteria that may be present. Remember to dab not wipe or pull the piercing.

How much on average are diamond earrings?

The price of diamond earrings depends on the style, weight, diamonds, and metal selected. On average, diamond earrings range from $250 to upwards of a $1000 for classic stud styles for lab grown diamonds. For natural diamonds, you can expect to start at $500 and go up to about $3000.

What are huggie earrings?

Small in size and made to hug the ear so as to say, huggie earrings are a style of hoop earrings. Comfortable enough for everyday wear, huggie earrings wear close to your earlobe.
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