A Guide To Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoop earrings are a great investment for your jewelry collection. These earrings are the finishing touch that elevates every outfit. Perfect for a chic outfit for a trip to the coffee store, a business meeting, or a girls' night out at the club.

Moreover, due to the variety of closure mechanisms available to hoop earrings, they are very comfortable on your lobes. They are also a great alternative for individuals having reactions to stud earrings.

However, hoop earrings come in various sizes, designs, and styles, which offer different aesthetic benefits. This situation presents difficulties in picking a perfect piece. This guide will lead you through the step-by-step process of buying a gold hoop earring.

How to Choose Gold Hoop Earrings


There are several designs to pick from for gold hoop earrings. Make sure the one you pick reflects your style and personality.

If you want something sleek and classic, you can go for the timeless plain metal pair. Are you looking for something ornate and flashy? Add a bit of glamorous detail to your earrings. These details can be in the form of diamonds, gemstones, or engravings.

You should also find out if your prospective earring has a solid or hollow interior. This design determines the overall weight of the earring and how it sits on your lobes.

Appropriate length

The length is probably the most important detail in choosing a gold earring. It details how you style it and the appropriate scenes you can rock them on.

  • Tiny gold hoop earrings

If you have multiple piercings, this is the section you want to shop for most of your hoop earrings. The smaller sizes (5-12)mm are perfect for forwarding helix, tragus, rook, conch, and daith piercings. For lobe piercings, between 11mm to 14mm are just perfect. You can increase this a bit to leave some room below your earlobe.

If you are always on the go and have a laid-back style, gold huggie hoop earrings are the perfect everyday look. They are the first choice if you want to rock an ear party. Also, tiny hoops suit smaller faces.

They are appropriate for all occasions because of their small and subtle presence. You can wear them to work, formal events and on special occasions. They are also relatively easy to style because they flow with all types of outfits.

  • Small gold hoop earrings

These hoops have an approximate dimension of 26mm-50mm (1 to 2-inch) diameter, the size of a U.S. quarter coin.

These earrings are perfect for women who desire a noticeable appearance that is not overpowering. They are also designed to be worn alone, something you’d want to consider if you are a minimalist.

Also, they complement women with fuller faces or shorter hair. These hoops will bring out the best in your hairstyle.

  • Medium gold hoop earrings

These hoops have an approximate dimension of 51mm-76mm (2 to 3-inch) diameter.

You should consider getting a medium hoop earring for a playful and bolder look. They are the perfect statement earring without going overboard. Also, they are flattering to all face shapes.

Especially if you have an angular square-shaped face, these earrings can help soften the edges. Medium hoops will also make a long, narrow face appear fuller.

They are easy to style. You can place them on any outfit as a statement piece. Imagine yourself in these with a black dinner dress or white crop top.

  • Big gold hoop earrings

These hoops have an approximate dimension of 77mm-100mm (3 to 4-inch) diameter.

This size is a certified head-turner. Oversized hoop earrings are a huge statement piece on any outfit, pun intended. They perfectly complement an oval or long face shape. Big hoop earrings are perfect for maximalists, partygoers, and trendsetters.

When it comes to styling, consider skipping your other piercings and allow your big earrings to take center stage. Although, they will look great with layered necklaces.

Big hoops will give you an extra stylish look if you have long hair. However, they tend to be overpowering for small faces. So it would be best if you also avoided them in formal settings.

  • Extra Large gold hoop earrings

These hoops have an approximate dimension of 101mm-120mm (4-inches-plus) diameter.

These shoulder-grazing, bold, and attention-grabbing earrings give you a larger-than-life vibe. They are for those occasions when you want to convey power and strength.

Do consider your facial features before opting to get one of these. They tend to best compliment women with larger facial features.


The thickness of your hoop earring is also an important factor to consider when buying one. Chubby earrings provide a vintage look. While the tinier, dainty ones provide a more contemporary look.

● Yellow Gold:

Yellow is a classic and traditional gold color. Yellow gold pairs well with warm skin tones. However, they may require occasional polishing of scratches to restore their sheen.

● White Gold:

White gold offers a modern and sophisticated look. Compared to the other two, they are hypoallergenic. Also, they pair well with cool skin undertones.

● Rose Gold

Rose golds are romantic, chic, and trendy. Also, they complement all forms of skin tones.

Some Final Tips Before Your Purchase

  • Buy only from reputable stores, especially ones with a good return policy.
  • Your budget should influence the decision of which carats of gold you buy.
  • Contemplate the occasions you need your hoop earring for before picking one up.
  • Store your hoop earrings in a separate jewelry box.
  • Keep each earring in plastic or material pouches to keep them dry. This practice also ensures that no air has been trapped. Try not to store more than one item in a smaller bag or pouch.

Hoop earrings are versatile, and you can loosely interpret the rules concerning the length. However, rocking a pair that matches your style and personality is important. Browse through our beautiful selection of hoop earrings today to select one that is perfect for you.


Are gold hoops in fashion?

Yes! A pair of gold hoop earrings is currently a fashion item you cannot miss with. They are versatile and elevate any outfit you rock them on.

Do hoop earrings look good on round faces?

It is over advised that women with round faces avoid hoop earrings. However, thin, small Huggies ( 30mm or less) can work well for round faces.

What color outfits look best with gold hoops?

Gold hoop earrings are best paired with black, emerald, or red outfits. A monochromic gold appearance also looks clean and well put together.

Do hoops suit everyone?

Anyone and everyone can rock hoop earrings. The secret is to select one that will best complement your facial features.
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