Your Ultimate Guide to Buying an Anniversary Band

Whether it glimmers in the sunlight on your drive to work or is slipped right back on after you wash your hands, engagement rings and wedding bands are daily reminders of joyous moments of love. It only makes sense to celebrate your continuous commitment to lifelong love with a similar exchange: anniversary bands.

The Significance of the Emerald as an Anniversary Gift

Anniversary bands , interchangeably referred to as anniversary rings, are typically multi-diamond or gemstone bands given to celebrate anniversaries. While engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger, anniversary rings are allowed more flexibility. If desired, they can replace, be stacked with, or even worn on the opposite hand of existing engagement or wedding rings.

When selecting an anniversary band for her, consider how it will be worn in relation to existing engagement or wedding rings. Thinking of the metals, colors, and styles of all three rings—engagement, wedding, and anniversary—allows for maximum versatility, allowing the bands to be worn in any combination.

Types of Anniversary Bands

Eternity rings are a special and popular type of diamond anniversary band in which diamonds completely encircle the ring, symbolizing everlasting—or eternal—love. Eternity anniversary bands feature diamonds of a consistent size and a band of a uniform width—instead of a narrowing backside, as seen in most rings.

More intricate anniversary bands can be chosen to complement simpler wedding rings or to serve as stand-alone pieces. As statement pieces are often worn on the right hand—opposite of the existing engagement or wedding band—be sure to look for a durable anniversary ring for her if the wearer is right-handed.

In addition to eternity anniversary diamond rings, 3-stone diamond rings are another popular style of diamond anniversary ring. While eternity rings stand for an eternal love, the three diamonds of the 3-stone anniversary ring symbolize the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of the couple’s life together.

While wedding anniversary rings with diamonds are by far the most popular, many couples opt to feature other significant gemstones when looking for anniversary bands. Similar to birthstones-gemstones that correspond to each birth month—there are also gemstones that correspond to each anniversary year.

For years one through ten, the Gemological Institution of America (GIA), recommends the respective gemstones: gold, garnet, pearls, blue topaz, sapphire, amethyst, onyx, tourmaline, lapis lazuli, and diamond. Although gold and pearls are not technically gemstones, they are part of the long-standing anniversary tradition. Gold can be represented in anniversary rings by gold-colored gemstones such as citrine, yellow topaz, golden South Sea cultured pearls, yellow sapphire, amber, zircon, or grossularite and spessartine garnets. As anniversary rings are a symbol of eternal love, the GIA also has guides for years 11 to 20 and 21 to 60.

But remember, there are no rules—simply preferences. Consider an anniversary ring where the number of diamonds corresponds to the years of marriage—or perhaps an anniversary band with the birthstones of your children or other loved ones. Above all, anniversary rings are a statement and celebration of your love and should reflect your unique story.Top Anniversary Bands

Petite French Set Diamond Wedding Band

If looking to accentuate existing rings, consider this elegant anniversary band with 26 petite french set pave diamonds.

Floating Halo Pave Diamond Wedding Band

Floating Halo Pave Diamond Wedding Band

This anniversary band is another option that can be beautifully stacked with engagement or wedding rings. It features 10 floating pave set diamonds at a total of 0.5 Ct.

Floating Halo Pave Diamond Wedding Band

Princess Channel Diamond Wedding Band

If interested in an eternity ring, consider this diamond anniversary band with 36 princess cut diamonds, channel set in an eternity-style women’s anniversary band.

Classic pave diamond wedding band

Classic Pave Diamond Wedding Band

Representing eternal love, this eternity ring can be elegantly stacked with engagement or wedding rings—or worn alone.

Channel Set Diamond Wedding Band

Channel Set Diamond Wedding Band

This women’s eternity band is another popular option featuring 32 floating channel set diamonds.

Channel Set Cathedral Diamond Wedding Band

This channel set diamond anniversary band features 11 diamonds spanning the top half of the ring.


Which gemstone is given on the 20th anniversary?

Emerald is the traditional gemstone for the 20th anniversary. Since high-quality natural emeralds are extremely rare, it’s a wonderful gift to celebrate this important milestone.

What are anniversary bands?

Anniversary bands are given specifically on wedding anniversaries. They are typically studded with multiple diamonds or gemstones.

What to keep in mind while selecting an anniversary ring?

When picking an anniversary band, remember that it should ideally complement the existing engagement or wedding ring that you might be wearing. Try to maintain the cohesiveness of the look by choosing the same or similar-looking metal. Also, consider the frequency of wear and the wearer’s personality before making the final decision.

What type of anniversary band should I buy?

It all depends on the wearer’s preference and style. If she loves sophistication and elegance, you can opt for an eternity ring with diamonds studded all around the band to symbolize eternal love. For the woman who likes to make a statement, you can opt for a three-stone diamond anniversary ring to symbolize your past, present, and future together. You can also consider a gemstone anniversary band to add color to her stack. Blue topaz, sapphires, and amethyst are some of the most popular gemstone options.

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