How to Buy Jewelry Online Guide

The choices are limitless when it comes to jewelry gifts. From diamond studs to diamond necklaces, there’s always something for every taste and preference, but choosing the right present can feel overwhelming. To that end, we created the following diamond jewelry buying guide with some of our favorite picks to help you choose your next gift purchase.

Gemstone Rings

With Clarity offers dozens of gemstone rings featuring gems of all colors and sizes. Whether you choose a black diamond or an amethyst stone, don’t forget you can also have some fun when choosing the ring band. For example, you can choose a twirling solitaire design or a diamond-covered band to best match your personality. With most of the gemstone rings in our collection priced under $1,000, and each one of our many options carefully designed to balance sparkle and style. 

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Men’s Wedding Bands

Unlike competitors, With Clarity boasts an impressive jewelry collection not just for women but men, too. We currently have over 90 wedding bands featuring elegant and masculine designs in different widths and styles. And with some of our pieces starting at just under $300, we really do think we offer something for everyone.

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Women’s Wedding Bands

With Clarity women’s wedding bands are made to perfectly match our engagement ring collection. The diamond quality, curvature and width of the bands matches that of the engagement rings perfectly. We’re also able to add customizations like an engraving or adjust to quarter sizes to ensure that the wedding band is a perfect complement to her engagement ring. Because With Clarity carries a variety of styles, our diamond or metal bands can also be worn as anniversary bands and promise rings.

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Diamond Earrings

Every woman needs at least one good pair of diamond earrings in her closet. These precious sparkles can quickly elevate any outfit and capture the poised, sophisticated essence of women. Right now, you can shop 18 different pieces on our website, including the popular Star Natural Diamond Cluster Earrings. Because diamond earrings can be a significant investment, this is the kind of meaningful, committed gesture that makes for a memorable Mother’s Day or anniversary gift. These earrings are available in natural or lab diamonds.

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Diamond Necklaces

With Clarity’s diamond necklaces are some of the most stylish and refined necklaces you can buy online. Our diamond solitaire necklace, for example, shows off a beautiful rock framed by the most delicate 14K white gold finish that can be worn daily – no special occasion needed. If the solitaire necklace is not your style, don’t worry: you have 31 other diamond necklaces to choose from. Our necklaces can all be crafted with natural or lab diamonds.

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Diamond Bracelets

It’s easy to elevate your outfit with a bracelet that will add the right sparkle to your ensemble. Accentuate your style with our collection of diamond tennis bracelets that are designed for that effortless glamour. Not only are bracelets a great way to take your own look from day to night but they also make for great gifts for a wide range of occasions. Whether you pick a three-prong diamond tennis bracelet or a bezel prong one, we offer a choice between natural and lab grown diamonds in a variety of metals ranging from white gold, rose gold, or even yellow gold. Our team is also happy to offer styling tips or help in any way needed. Just ask!

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Anniversary Bands

The best way to celebrate your love and momentous occasions together is with a With Clarity anniversary ring. Whether with a lab grown or natural diamond, each anniversary ring can sparkle as part of a stack or go solo. Crafted in your choice of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, each diamond is handpicked for brilliance and fire, to commit to your bond. Get her the Three stone princess diamond ring, five stone round brilliant cut diamond ring or the seven stone round brilliant cut diamond ring as an ode to your relationship. Gift her the shine of a diamond anniversary band to celebrate the special first year together or commemorate a milestone like the 10th, 15th, 20th or 15th anniversary.

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    Is it safe to buy jewelry online?
      Yes, of course, it is safe to buy jewelry online as long as you are purchasing from a trusted and verified source. At With Clarity, we believe in selling only certified and ethically sourced diamonds, whether lab grown IGI certified or natural diamonds GIA certified. We also offer a free lifetime warranty and 30 days no question asked return.
        Should I buy jewelry online?
          Yes, buying jewelry online is not only convenient where you could see a variety of options in one go, but also offers the comfort of shopping from your own home or office. Also, it makes it possible to look at a product from a 360-degree view, just as you would in-store. Many stores even offer try-at-home services to facilitate the jewelry buying process. Just ensure that the store you are buying from sells certified diamonds and offers a lifetime warranty along with free 30-day returns. At With Clarity, we believe in customer satisfaction and offer all of the above along with a wide variety of products ranging from bracelets to anniversary rings to necklaces that are studded with your choice of lab grown or natural diamonds.
            What are the top tips for buying jewelry online?
              Buying jewelry online is easy, just ensure that you are shopping from a verified source that offers warranties and certified jewelry. It is also advisable to understand the shipping and return policies and delivery time frame to understand that your product reaches you in time. It also helps to see and understand customer reviews to offer some amount of satisfaction.
                Is it possible to buy loose diamonds online?
                  Yes, it is possible to buy loose diamonds online that are certified and ethically sourced. Natural diamonds are certified by GIA and lab grown diamonds come with an IGI certificate. At With Clarity, we offer loose diamonds in all cuts, colors, clarities, and carat weights along with a team of expert gemologists who can help you with the buying process.
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