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'Top 10 Push Presents'

Celebrate the Addition to Your Family with These Push Presents

We celebrate our wives and mothers every year on Mother’s Day. We arrange special spa days, buy beautiful gifts, plan wonderful dinners, and make sure they know how much we love and appreciate them. But, what about the moms who are fresh out of the delivery room, holding their newborns for the very first time, or preparing for the arrival of their very first babies during the final days of pregnancy? They deserve something special, no matter what time of year their new additions arrive. Well, there is a very special kind of gift for these new mother’s push presents.

What Is A Push Present?

Push presents, or pushing presents, are gifts that husbands or boyfriends give to the women in their lives with whom they just had a child. Unlike baby shower presents or wedding gifts, there is no standard to follow when giving, or considering, push present ideas. There is no minimum or maximum amount on how much to spend on a push present, or societal expectations to meet. It all depends on what is most important to the new parents, and what push present suggestions the mother makes.

Where Did the Tradition of Giving A Push Present Originate?

Some people believe that push presents existed in the 1700’s. We do know that, although it is a relatively new practice in the United States, people in India and the United Kingdom have celebrated children’s births with push presents for hundreds of years.

Like many trends, it is increasing in popularity in the U.S. because of the number of celebrities making the spotlight for giving, or receiving, push presents every year. Just like all other momentous occasions the birth of a child can be celebrated with a gift that lasts for a long time.

Popular Gemstones for Push Presents

Some mothers prefer practical, new-mom gifts or things for the new baby as push presents. Others love a beautiful piece of jewelry that glows as brightly as she does. Some popular ideas include push present birthstone jewelry pieces made with the mother’s birthstone, the baby’s, or both.

A sapphire push present necklace makes a great gift for post-partum mothers. Even moms who worry about their new bundles of joy swallowing jewelry can relax, because no matter what style, cut, or size, the sapphire necklace tucks right into mom’s shirt, safely out of the baby’s reach.

Diamond bands look beautiful on the new mom in your life, as well, and they make her feel radiant. A push present ring can be added to her existing engagement ring and wedding band set. Or, the new band or ring can be worn on the right hand. Either way, a ring can be a great piece of jewelry that she treasures for a long time.

Earrings are an evergreen present that look beautiful regardless of age and occasion. Diamond or gemstone studs are a great classic look that is perfect for everyday. If you’re looking for something a little more elaborate, halo earrings are also great for everyday wear and occasions. Going with these styles will be safe bets as they will be easy to wear everyday, even while taking care of the new baby.

When To Give A Push Present

As with the etiquette, there is no rule as to when to give your wife her push present. Some guys give their partners push presents at home, just before the baby arrives. Others wait until the baby is born and they have a few minutes alone with their newborns and wives or girlfriends before family and friends swarm the infant.

No matter when you decide to give your special new mom her gift, giving her personalized push gifts should be private. Baby showers are public, and give everyone else the chance to give moms-to-be gifts and/or baby necessities. Your thoughtful thank you gift should wait until it is just the two of you, where you can tell her how much you appreciate what she is doing for your growing family. Make her feel like she is the only person in the world and she matter the most to you.

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