Top Diamond Dangle Earrings for Women To Buy

Top Diamond Dangle Earrings for Women To Buy

Dangling earrings are a must if you want to infuse your wardrobe with a dash of sparkle. Diamond danglers make an undeniable statement accessory because they have the power to add a touch of elegance to even the most casual attire. A highly coveted addition to any jewelry collection, you can go glamorous or subtle with dangling diamond earrings, making them fitting for brunch with friends or an upscale gala.

When these earrings are encrusted with lab grown diamonds, they become not just visually stunning but also a symbol of your eco-consciousness and ethical fashion choices. Lab made diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in their aesthetics and physical properties, meaning lab diamonds heighten the allure of your accessories while ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach to fashion. Whether you’re going bold and opulent or graceful and chic, With Clarity has plenty of diamond dangle earrings to suit your tastes. Our 5 Best Statement Earrings to Add That Special Something

1. Pear and Emerald Shape Chandelier Earrings

Ideal for a formal event, these pear and emerald-shaped chandelier earrings highlight your neckline. Crafted with striking pear and emerald cut diamonds, the resulting contrasting geometric pattern is positively eye-catching. These earrings were made to turn heads.

Perfect for your most elegant updo, their cascading long profile adds a bit of sparkle to your ensemble. Unlike single-strand danglers, these chandelier earrings feature three bold strands attached to an unmistakable Asscher-cut stud. Choose white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold to suit your aesthetic. Whichever metal you select, you can be confident that these earrings are designed to keep all eyes on you.

2. Emerald Shape Supported Drop Earrings

Do you know the timeless appeal of a simple yet striking tennis bracelet? We like to think we’ve captured that in these earrings. A sparkling row of round-cut lab diamonds in a traditional prong setting dangles down and then up again to create a dazzling loop. Within its graceful glittering lower curve hangs a breathtaking emerald-cut diamond.

Atop the supporting row of diamonds is another mesmerizing emerald-cut stone. These earrings are sure to make a statement. When wearing these iconic danglers, there is no need to worry about being under-accessorized. The best part is they’re offered with customization of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, so you can seamlessly add them to your collection. Get ready to introduce your new signature accessory.

3. Heart Shape Dangler Earrings

Capture hearts with these romantic heart shaped dangler earrings. A vintage-inspired oval cut diamond stud holds a dangler chain encrusted with dazzling round diamonds. At the end of the chain is a stunning emerald cut diamond that gives true Old Hollywood glamor vibes. Below it hangs a romantic heart shaped diamond in a modern bezel setting. In all, four different shapes of diamonds make this a one-of-a-kind dangler earring that showcases your unique style.

They’re an effortless choice if you want to accessorize for an upscale event. Elegant and sophisticated, these earrings work as a standalone accessory or a complementary part of your jewelry ensemble. However, we also love that they’re versatile enough to be worn with nearly any outfit. Slip them on when you’re going out to lunch with friends or spending an afternoon with your loved one; they’ll add just enough sparkle for you to feel put together without being over the top.

4. Linked Hoop Earrings

There’s just something so surprising about these earrings that onlookers will have a hard time looking away. From the front, the modern design almost makes the linked hoops look like one graceful chain of dazzling diamonds. However, as soon as you turn your head, their stunning detail really shines. Three separate hoops are linked together, maximizing sparkle from every angle. There’s no doubt that these earrings were made for nights out, but they would pair just as well with a more casual outfit worn to brunch or a weekend with friends.

Each hoop is set with its own row of unforgettable diamonds in an emerald or round cut. A traditional prong setting allows the most light possible into each diamond, ensuring you’re never without a sparkle. Exquisitely made with a close eye for detail, these earrings elevate the classic hoop we’ve come to know and love. Why just have one ring of breathtaking diamonds when you can have three interlocking showstoppers?

5. Stationed Dangler Earrings

All-eyes-on-me jewelry doesn’t have to be large or loud. These elegant stationed danglers let the diamonds do all the talking. A graceful white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold chain holds a collection of individual, striking stones. Each featured shape, which includes pear, round, and emerald, offers its own unique flair and charm.

Every stationed stone is adorned with a halo of round-cut diamonds, emphasizing the brilliance and fire of the center stone. These delightfully dainty earrings are incredibly versatile. You can jazz up your favorite casual outfit or add a touch of glamour to your formal attire. Their refined style makes them perfect for pairing, particularly with an elegant necklace or bracelet.

Do you dare to dangle?

Dangle earrings for women can be subtle and chic, but with so many unique designs, why not take the opportunity to be bold with your accessories? Whether you want a cascading trio of diamond danglers or a trendy and striking supported dangle earring, With Clarity has options to suit every occasion.

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