What Size to Buy? The Ideal Sizes for Diamond Stud Earrings

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When shopping for diamond stud earrings, you'll see how many options you have. It's hard to know what the ideal size is for diamond earrings. Don't worry; we'll cover all you need to know about choosing the perfect size for you.

Understanding Diamond Carat Weight

The physical weight of diamonds is measured using carats. One carat is equal to 0.200 grams or 1/5 gram. From there, it's subdivided into 100 points. This allows jewelers to use precise measurements to the hundredth decimal place. If the diamond weight is a little over one carat, such as 1.08, it would be described as one hundred and eight points. This matters for earrings because you want the diamonds to match in terms of their carat weight. But some other factors do go into choosing a pair of coordinating diamonds.

Consideration of Diamond Cut

Cut impacts the physical size of a diamond, its shape, and the amount of brilliance. Two diamonds can be the same carat weight but look different sizes based on how they're cut. You'll see diamond stud earrings in round, oval, pear, emerald, princess, and other shapes. Some diamond shapes, like emeralds, look larger than their carat weight because of the long step cuts. A well-cut diamond will look bigger than its carat weight because of the amount of fire and brilliance it emits.

Personal Style and Preference

It's essential to consider personal style and preferences, especially if you're buying diamond stud earrings as a gift. Some might prefer smaller, subtle earrings, while others like larger, flashy diamond studs. Knowing what metals they prefer and what they wear most often is also helpful. That way, you can purchase a versatile piece of jewelry that will be worn pretty often.

Face Shape and Proportions

The shape of the wearer's face and the cut of the diamond should pair well together. Some sizes and diamond shapes complement different face shapes. For example, consider pear-shaped or marquise-cut diamonds if you have a round face. They can help elongate the appearance of your face. If you have a square face, consider round or oval-cut diamonds to help soften your angular features. A smaller pair of studs might not look proportionate if you have a larger face. You might need a larger pair of studs to help balance out the look.

It's also important to consider other piercings in the ear and the size of the earlobes. Think about which piercing the wearer would wear the studs. If it's an upper piercing, then smaller might be sufficient. Smaller diamonds could, however, look out of proportion if the wearer has large earlobes.

Budget Considerations

Larger diamonds generally cost more because they're rarer. You can considering lab grown diamonds they're typically more affordable, so you can get bigger diamond studs while staying on budget. Lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly because they're created in a lab rather than mined from the earth. More men and women prefer lab created diamonds. Higher-quality diamonds will cost more, so you must balance your budget with your quality preferences.

Occasion and Lifestyle

Another consideration is the wearer's lifestyle and what they spend their free time doing. Smaller diamond studs might be best if they're active and rarely go to special events. Larger studs work well for someone who attends plenty of special events and needs a versatile earring that works well with any outfit. For special occasions, you can also look at more playful earrings like toi et moi and ear climbers.

Quality and Setting

You'll see different kinds of diamond stud settings. Solitaire stud earrings are popular, but you'll also see some stunning halo studs, clusters, and trendy styles, such as toi et moi studs and ear climbers. You want your diamonds to stand out on the ear, so choosing a setting that lets your diamonds shine is important. The quality of the diamond can enhance the overall aesthetic of your studs as well. If your diamond's color is warmer rather than cooler, you'll be able to notice it in the setting. A well-cut diamond in a quality setting can enhance the overall appearance regardless of size.

Maintenance and Care

Your diamond studs will last forever if you take care of them. If you wear your diamond studs a lot, you'll want to periodically clean them to remove dirt that can get stuck in the setting and dull the diamond's sparkle. It's also a good idea to take your studs to a jeweler to have them checked. They'll examine the prongs, setting, and stones to make sure there aren't any issues. Prongs can wear down over time, so having a professional look at them is helpful to ensure your stones are secure.


All this information can help you choose a flattering pair of diamond stud earrings that fit the wearer's lifestyle, preferences, and style. Diamond studs come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a size and setting that fits the wearer. Smaller diamond studs are versatile and can be worn from day to night. Larger diamond studs and extravagant settings are better suited for special occasions. No matter what size you choose, diamond studs are a universal piece of jewelry that will last forever. They're a great piece of jewelry to own, wear and gift!

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