5 Things to Consider While Renewing Wedding Vows with a Wedding Ring

5 Things to Consider While Renewing Wedding Vows with a Wedding Ring

More couples are renewing their vows to recommit their relationship. One way to make this occasion even more special is to mark the occasion with a new or revamped wedding ring. There are five essential elements for renewing your wedding vows with a new or renewed wedding ring.

The Significance of Renewing Vows with a Renewed Ring

Vow renewals symbolize the everlasting love and commitment couples have for one another. It’s a celebration to mark how far you’ve gone on this journey together and look ahead toward a brighter future. You can renew your original promises on your wedding day or go for a twist and come up with new vows.

Choosing the Right Ring

You have two options - purchasing a new ring for the vow renewal or revamping your current one. There are plenty of considerations as you weigh the two options. Consider upgrading your existing ring if your ring has sentimental value. You can also repurpose the materials if you are attached to your ring but want a different look.

If you’d prefer a new ring to celebrate the new chapter in your marriage, consider a new one. Perhaps you want something new, different, or more extravagant than your previous wedding ring. The possibilities are endless. With Clarity has thousands of new designs, innovative settings, and unique materials for wedding rings. Popular styles include diamond bands, anniversary bands, and eternity rings. Choose from white, yellow or, rose gold, and platinum. Sought-after styles include the oval eternity band, five-stone anniversary band, and the Rockefeller wedding diamond band.

Milestone Marker

If you’re renewing your vows to celebrate a specific anniversary, consider giving a ring with a diamond or gemstone for each year of your relationship. Typically, rings with 3, 5, or 7 lend well to rings because you’ll commonly see rings with a total of 3, 5, or 7. Upgrading and adding stones can also add to this as your relationship grows. Let’s look at some examples of what this could look like. This three-stone ring features a larger center stone that you can choose with smaller stones on either side of the center stone. The delicate vintage detail and additional diamonds on the band add some extra sparkle. Here’s a five-stone emerald cut diamond ring that’s symbolic and stunning. You can customize the total carat weight and the metal. Here’s an example of a seven stone ring that could represent seven years married or together. Choose the metal you’d like and either 3, 4, or 5 total carats.

Planning the Renewal Ceremony

Like any celebration, your vow renewal can be as intimate or as extravagant as you want it to be. Create a renewal ceremony that represents your lives as a couple and matches up with your personalities and the ambiance you want. It can be a simple vow renewal at your favorite beach or a party with your family and friends. It can also be held in a backyard or at a swanky ballroom. The choice is yours. The vows can be similar to vows from your wedding ceremony or personalized vows you write for the renewal. You have plenty of options to create the perfect event for you and your loved one. Customize it by adding details that give your guests a touch of your love for one another. Include pictures of your life together, trips you’ve taken, and other relationship milestones you’ve experienced together.

A renewal ceremony is your chance to plan a celebration. If you didn’t have a large wedding the first time, use your vow renewal to celebrate like you couldn’t before. It’s not a legal ceremony, so anyone can officiate (if you want to have someone in that role). Think about having friends, family, or even your children officiate.

Other details to consider include:

  • Booking the right photographer to capture the sweet moments of your celebration.
  • Planning your outfit. You can go for a coordinated color or a contrast.
  • Decorations - this can be as little or as extravagant as you want. Think about whether you want flowers
  • Find your perfect ring with the help of expert gemologists at With Clarity.

The Emotional and Symbolic Value

Renewing your vows is profoundly symbolic and emotional. You look each other in the eyes and commit your lives to one another just as you did years before. Exchanging rings solidifies your relationship and symbolizes your renewed future together. Choosing one another again and going through a renewal process can bring you closer together. Celebrating with a new ring can strengthen your bond and breathe new life into your relationship.


More men and women are choosing to renew their vows as they recommit to one another. What’s important is that your renewal represents you as a couple. You can make it as simple or extravagant as you want. It’s an ideal time to upgrade an existing ring or get the ring that your loved one has always wanted. If you’re renewing your vows on a milestone anniversary, think about getting a ring with a diamond for each year of your marriage. Enjoy planning a vow renewal and celebrate your committed love for one another. Check out the With Clarity website, browse an array of options, and surprise your love with the ring of their dreams.

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