Top 9 Anniversary and Eternity Bands that Work as Wedding Bands for a Statement Look

Top 9 Anniversary and Eternity Bands that Work as Wedding Bands for a Statement Look

Wedding bands are like the icing on the cake. They're a timeless symbol of love and commitment. After you've proposed with a stunning diamond engagement ring, a gorgeous complementary wedding band seals the deal (with a kiss)!

But what exactly is a wedding band? Well, in truth, wedding bands can be whatever you like. That includes eternity bands. Some couples give eternity bands when they want to upgrade their wedding ring. Others may wait for a major milestone anniversary. However, for those looking to make a sparkling statement with their wedding jewelry, anniversary rings can be used as a bold wedding band. We've rounded up our favorite eternity bands that can be substituted as breathtaking wedding bands, and they're sure to suit various tastes and preferences.

Our 9 Best Wedding Bands

1. Classic Pave Diamond Wedding Band :
Classic brides will adore this elegant example of a diamond wedding band. A simple band set with a dazzling row of diamonds from shoulder to shoulder comfortably and brilliantly accents almost any wedding ring. It's perfectly understated for the bride who wants something extra. Select the metal that best suits your tastes or matches your partner's band, making your wedding ring personal to you and your love story.

2. Five Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Ring:
Move over three-stone-rings, this five-stone emerald cut diamond wedding band is ready to take center stage. Breathtaking diamonds in a vintage-inspired emerald shape are exceptionally eye-catching. It will complement most engagement rings but works incredibly well with rings that have a vintage vibe. To get the most bang for your buck, consider lab diamonds instead of natural stones. Not only will you be making an eco-conscious and ethically sound choice, but you'll also likely be able to afford larger-carat diamonds for your budget.

3. Heart Set Round Diamond Eternity Ring:
Wedding bands symbolize your undying love for your partner, so why not encapsulate that in the band's intricate design? This heart-set round diamond eternity ring will steal the show with its prong set round brilliant gems. They cover the entire band, offering maximum sparkle. However, this ring proves it is beautiful from any angle when you realize each basket prong includes a dainty heart detail when viewed from the side. This diamond band screams romance.

4. Five Stone Oval Cut Diamond Ring:
Five-stone diamond rings hold a special secret that most may not realize. Each of these alluring oval-cut diamonds stands for one of the five traits of a lasting relationship: love, commitment, trust, communication, and empathy. It's a fact that makes this ring incredibly sweet! Its timeless and breathtaking design makes the sentiment that much sweeter. Both features work together to create a piece of jewelry she'll never want to take off.

5. Three Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring:
Our three-stone round brilliant diamond ring is unsurpassed in popularity for one very good reason – it never goes out of style. Three-stone rings have taken brides' breaths away for decades due to their classic beauty and touching symbolism. Most couples view the impressive trio of stones as the past, present, and future of a love story. Set proudly atop a simple band, they're impossible to miss. We suggest maximizing your budget and truly going for a statement look by opting for lab diamonds. You'll get all the qualities of natural diamonds but at a lower price, meaning you can probably select a bigger carat than you might think!

6. Seven Stone Oval Cut Diamond Ring:
It's impossible to go wrong with a seven-stone ring. First, these dazzling rings are definite show-stoppers. How could you overlook seven sparkling stones? But beyond that, the meaning behind these rings is charming. Some couples view them as eternal love forever encircling two people, others choose them to represent the lucky number "7", and finally, some couples go for this stunner on their seventh anniversary. Whatever your reasons, we adore this brilliant band as a wedding ring because it truly brings the sparkle!

7. Shared Prong Wave Lab Diamond Eternity Ring:
We are head over heels for this unique lab diamond eternity band that is the ideal mix of modern and classic. The shared prong setting is a delightful twist on the typical basket setting, creating a mesmerizing wave pattern when viewed from the side. It also works to the diamonds' advantage, maximizing the light they can take in to enhance their fire and brilliance. But don't worry; it has timeless traits too, like its never-ending row of round cut diamonds that encircles the entire band. Consider it classic but elevated.

8. Baguette Diamond East-West Eternity Ring:
Turn heads with a ring that stands out not only for its sparkle but also for its one-of-a-kind look. Of course, it brings the dazzle thanks to several faceted baguette-cut diamonds that give it an edgy and modern appeal. However, what's unique is that they're set in an East-West channel setting that enhances their flashy step cut from every angle. Minimalist, sophisticated, and breathtaking, this ring is a standout that will become a cherished heirloom.

9. Geometric Sequence Diamond Eternity Ring:
A little fun, a lot scintillating, it's hard to draw your gaze away from this geometric sequence diamond ring. Its geometric pattern features round brilliant diamonds interspaced with edgy baguette diamonds. The two shapes contrast with one another to create a standout ring that's full of flair. But the surprises don't end there. Subtly textured sides ensure this band looks fascinating and fabulous from any angle. If you're looking for an alternative to the classy and simple diamond wedding band, look no further!

So Many Beautiful Options

With so many alluring choices, it isn't easy to find your perfect fit. However, With Clarity is ready to help every step of the way. Whether you want to talk about lab diamonds vs. natural diamonds, discuss different metal options, or add personalization, our expert gemologists always provide friendly and helpful advice. When choosing an engagement ring, it's best to consider your tastes, lifestyle, and budget. Take your time picking out the ideal ring to represent your love story, and you'll end up with a statement-making ring that encapsulates your special bond.

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