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Wedding Ring Set Guide

Wedding Ring Set Guide

When planning a proposal, it’s often the engagement ring that gets all of the focus. However, there are additional rings on the horizon including a wedding ring for both the bride and groom. As a result, another way to approach this life-changing day is to consider purchasing a bridal set or a wedding ring set instead of solely an engagement ring. A bridal set refers to the engagement ring and wedding band for the bride; the wedding set refers to an engagement ring, wedding band for the bride, and a wedding band for the groom.

Wedding Ring Set vs Bridal Set

Some stores use the term wedding ring set and bridal set interchangeably, so you’ll want to confirm how many rings come in each set. Traditionally the wedding ring set should have three rings: engagement ring, matching wedding band for the bride, and wedding band for the groom. A bridal set has two rings: an engagement ring and wedding band that goes with that ring. Traditionally the engagement ring is given during the proposal and the wedding bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony.

You might be curious why purchasing a wedding ring set continues to increase in popularity. Here are some benefits:

Design–Some couples prefer that the rings match. If you’re focusing on a bridal set, then either the bride’s engagement ring and wedding ring match perfectly.

Time–Purchasing a set saves time because it can be tricky finding a wedding band that fits with the engagement ring.

Money–you can save money by buying a wedding ring set or bridal set. You’ll have to purchase these at some point, so it might be beneficial to consider purchasing a set.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Ways to Wear Wedding Ring Sets

The traditional way to wear rings is for both of the bride’s rings and the groom’s band to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. For the bride, the wedding ring goes on first so it’s closer to the heart followed by the engagement ring.

If you’d prefer to wear your rings differently, that’s completely allowed and up to your preferences. Some nontraditional ways to wear rings is to wear the engagement and wedding rings on the right hand. This is common if the bride is left handed and it’s more comfortable to wear rings on the right hand. Other brides prefer to only wear their wedding ring and only wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring for special occasions.

Set Styles

Another benefit of wedding ring styles are the stunning options that are available. From vintage to modern, there are so many options! You can find rings in all different styles: pave, bezel set, milgrain, channel set, and more. Many wedding ring sets feature diamonds, but you can also include other gemstones if you’d like a pop of color. Some choose a colored gemstone as their center stone in the engagement ring. Your rings represent you and your preferences, so from traditional to nontraditional, you can create the ring set that you want.

In addition to the design and the stones, you can also find sets in different gemstone shapes. Round diamonds continue to be popular, but other shapes continue to grow in popularity including princess, oval, emerald, pear, cushion, marquis, and asscher. Wedding sets can also include uniquely shaped accent diamonds and gemstones like baguettes.

Metal Options

Some people prefer one metal over another based on skin sensitivity or personal preferences. While all of these metals look beautiful in wedding sets, each has their own advantages:

  • White Gold–This silvery-hued metal is a popular choice for those that prefer a silver color, but would prefer not to pay for platinum. In addition to being affordable, it also looks nice with a variety of gemstones and skin tones.
  • Rose Gold–This pinkish-hued metal continues to grow in popularity. It’s also an affordable option but might not be as widely available, so check availability for the wedding set you have your eye on.
  • Yellow Gold–You’ve likely owned yellow gold jewelry because it’s a beautiful, popular metal. Its yellow color goes well with gemstones and looks good on a variety of skin tones. Plus, it’s an affordable choice.
  • Platinum–Platinum’s main advantage is that it’s a hypoallergenic option that’s ideal for sensitive skin. This metal is a silvery color that’s a durable choice. It’s more expensive than selecting a gold set.

Wedding Ring Set Buying Tips

We’ve compiled some helpful tips to keep in mind as you shop for wedding ring sets:

  • Certified Diamonds–Both lab-created and earth-mined diamonds have certified options from organizations like GIA and IGI. This offers details about the stone you’re purchasing and offers information about the diamond’s quality.
  • Gem Color–Each gemstone is special and beautiful in their own ways. Look for stone’s with radiant color, but isn’t too light or too dark.
  • Gem’s Durability–You want long-lasting stones in your wedding ring set because you’ll wear it for years! If there are stones other than diamonds in your set, research their durability and find out their hardness rating.
  • Brand–Take time to research the brands that you’re considering. You want a company with a good reputation and has easy returns if you change your mind.
  • Budget–Plan out your budget before you start shopping for rings. Make sure you keep this in mind as you browse as well so that you don’t overextend your finances.

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Should you buy a bridal set or a wedding ring set?

Often bridal set and wedding set are used interchangeably when discussing the engagement ring and wedding band. Although traditionally the wedding set refers to a women’s engagement ring, wedding band for the bride, and a wedding band for the groom. A bridal set traditionally is the engagement ring and wedding ring. Buying rings as a set can save time and money, and is a great idea if you want matching rings as a couple. This decision depends on the rings you want to purchase.

How should a wedding ring set be worn?

Both of the bride’s rings and the groom’s band are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The woman’s wedding ring goes on first so it’s closer to the heart followed by the engagement ring.

Should our wedding rings match?

This is up to the man and woman’s personal preferences. Some couples prefer matching his and her rings while others prefer unique rings for the bride and groom.


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