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The highest quality lab grown and natural diamonds at the best prices, direct from the source. Shop With Clarity online for the best diamonds sourced 100% ethically and certified conflict free.

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With Clarity diamond education

With Clarity diamond education

With Clarity diamonds are cut to maximize diamond sparkle and overall brilliance through light performance. When you purchase a With Clarity diamond, you're buying directly from the manufacturer, which gets you the best diamond price and value. All our diamonds are certified by GIA or IGI for authenticity. Our gemologists are trained diamond experts ready to help guide you to the perfect diamond.

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Customize your own diamond engagement ring

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Customize your own diamond engagement ring

Choose from thousands of ring styles available in a variety of shapes and sizes and add a With Clarity diamond of your choice to make it your own custom diamond ring. You add the personal touch, we’ll make it perfect.

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Select from over 100,000 loose diamond options to find the perfect one for your engagement ring or other jewelry. We guarantee the best diamond prices and highest quality in the industry. Our online diamond selection is unparalleled and exclusive.

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What is a Lab Created Diamond?

Lab grown or lab created diamonds are identical in every way to natural diamonds. The only difference is that they are not mined within the earth. They are created in a laboratory. Lab grown diamonds sparkle in the same way, have certifications and are also graded on the same characteristics as natural diamonds. The major benefit is that they are 1/3 the cost of natural diamonds and 100% ethical and conflict-free.

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What is a Lab Created Diamond?

Lab diamond education

Natural diamonds

Natural diamonds

Mined from within the earth, natural diamonds are one-of a kind and take millions of years to form. With Clarity natural diamonds are vetted to be conflict free, ethically sound and always of the highest quality. GIA graded and hand-picked by our gemologists.

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Choose from one of our best-selling rings. One she’ll love forever.

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Read what out couples have to say about us.

With Clarity treated me very well and had great selection! I appreciate all the background info they provide on where the diamond you select comes from and how they work to be as ethical and a great resource for a young guy looking to find the perfect stone!

Eric E.

What a great experience. I was a little hesitant to buy a diamond online, sight unseen and relying only on photos. The gemologists service to critique my stone was a great touch, and their opinion was spot on. My 1.7 carat cushion cut stone is a ball of crystal clear fire. It's an incredible stone with a great price.

Daniel P.

Ring received was beautiful. Better price and quality than anywhere else I looked. Love the halo styles that were available compared to other retailers both online and brick and mortar.

Christopher F.

Absolutely wonderful experience! After shopping at local jewelers but not satisfied with my findings, I talked to their gemologist who was extremely helpful! One of the best online experiences I have had, and I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a streamlined way to purchase an engagement ring!

Ondrey L.

My experience was amazing in every single way.The ring is amazing! I love it, it is exactly what I hoped for! I'm in love.

Leila O.

I was extremely overwhelmed with the engagement ring process even though I did my research. it wasn't until I spoke to a friend of mine and he recommended With Clarity. The process was simple selecting the ring setting and diamond was effortless. Me and my fiance could not be happier!

Dustin B.

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