Diamond Education

Learn about 4C's and basics.

Diamond Education: 4 C's & Basics

Our diamond education is the most comprehensive diamond buying guide, designed to answer all your questions. We address the 4 C’s of diamonds (carat, cut, color and clarity) and beyond so you can make a prudent diamond buying decision, while maximizing your diamond’s appearance and value. Diamonds are considered the world's most precious gemstone. They are traditionally used for engagement rings and other jewelry as a symbol of love and commitment. Buying a diamond is an important personal, financial and emotional decision. Our gemologists are experts on the subject and provide invaluable guidance so you can shop with confidence in a pressure free environment.

Diamond Shape

Diamond shape is the most visual characteristic. It is the diamond’s outline and comes in many forms such as round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, etc.

variety of loose diamond shapes including round, emerald and cushion Diamond Shape

Diamond Carat

Diamond carat is its weight and reflects the diamond’s size. The larger the diamond, the rarer and more valuable it becomes. Carat is the most visible C.

ascending diamond sizes in order from small to large Diamond Carat

Diamond Color

Graded on a scale from D to Z, diamond color is its degree of colorlessness or tint of yellow/brown. The more colorless, the rarer and higher the value of the diamond.

an upside down diamond intended for color grading purposes Diamond Color

Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is set by microscopic imperfections and growths found naturally within the diamond. Diamond clarity makes every diamond unique.

diamond under 10x magnification to identify inclusions Diamond Clarity

Diamond Cut

Diamond cut is the angles and proportions of the diamond’s cutting and faceting. The cut grade represents the diamond’s sparkle. Well cut diamonds have maximum sparkle.

a perfectly cut diamond showing fire, sparkle and brilliance Diamond Cut

Diamond Certification

Diamond certification validates the characteristics of a diamond. A grading report provides diamond value transparency. GIA and IGI are the most prominent certification laboratories.

gia diamond grading report sample Diamond Certification

Beyond The 4 C’s

Once you’ve learned the 4 C’s (cut, carat, color and clarity) of diamonds, venture on to the advance topics to make the perfect diamond selection. Use With Clarity’s expert advice guides to understand the anatomy of a diamond so you can choose the right polish, symmetry, fluorescence, girdle, culet, table and depth. By understanding the nuances of each diamond attribute, you’ll maximize your diamond’s price budget for the highest value. Click below to start with diamond symmetry and go beyond.

Diamond Buying Guide

Buying a diamond isn’t always easy. Our diamond buying guides are crafted to provide all the required steps to make the perfect decision.

Diamond Sourcing

Diamond polish is the finishing of the diamond facets during the manufacturing process. Polish allows light to pass into the diamond and create sparkle.

Diamond Pricing

Diamond pricing is complex. Diamond pricing increases exponentially as the quality and rarity increase. Let us help you find the ideal diamond for your budget.

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