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VS2 Clarity Diamonds

VS2 or Very Slightly Included diamonds represent only 5% of all the world’s best, gem quality diamonds for engagement rings and jewelry. VS2 is actually the most popular solitaire diamond quality because while the diamond may have small, microscopic inclusions, in 95% of cases, the inclusions are not visible without at least 10x or higher magnification. The most common inclusions are crystal, feather, cloud, indented natural, needle and pinpoint. These inclusions are typically located in the center or sides of the diamond and it is generally recommended to avoid diamonds with a single, larger VS2 crystal inclusion under the table facet. This range of diamond offers the best balance of purity and price value. We highly recommend diamonds in the VS range.

What is an VS2 Clarity Diamond

A VS2, or Very Slightly Included 2, diamond has minor inclusions only visible under 10x magnification by a trained gemologist. Few or No imperfections can be identified by the naked eye. When selecting a VS2 diamond, inquire about a diamond’s image or video to identify the location, size and nature of inclusions.

The most basic difference between VS1 and VS2 is the size and number of inclusions present in the diamond. The key difference in a diamond’s clarity grade is the location, size, number and type of the inclusions. Diamonds with more noticeable inclusions get a lower clarity grade. In terms of nature or type, it’s pretty similar in both grades. The location can play a difference particularly if the inclusions are under the center of the table facet or extending just off the edge or girdle of the diamond.

10x zoom magnified diamond example, typical for diamond clarity grading
10x zoom
10x zoom with I1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with SI2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with SI1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VS2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VS1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VVS2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VVS1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with IF clarity inclusions
10x zoom with FL clarity inclusions

Buying A VS2 Diamond

Greater than 95% of the time, it’s perfectly safe to purchase a VS2 diamond. In only a few situations, particularly with large diamonds above 1.50ct, the inclusion may be in the center and eye visible. That should be avoided, if possible because your eye will continue to follow the inclusion and not the overall sparkle and beauty of the diamond.

Generally, the sparkle and light performance of the diamond is unaffected by VS2 clarity. In step cut diamonds such as Emerald or Asscher, center inclusions like black crystals may be more noticeable because of larger, open faceting. This is also possible in princess and cushion cut diamonds. Much less so the case with round diamonds. Some of the largest pricing differences can be found between SI and VS ranges. This is generally the case because SI diamonds will have noticeable inclusions under magnification and may be eye visible when you look at the diamond closely enough.

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