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What is a Brilliant Cut diamond?

A brilliant cut diamond is one which is cut in a particular way and has many facets, which impart a look of exceptional brilliance. The shape of a brilliant cut diamond ring is that of a cone with brilliant lights bouncing around inside the top of the diamond. Today’s ring purchasers imagine that the brilliance of this diamond is in line with the modern idea of beauty. Skilled diamond cutters, over the centuries have labored long and hard to get the resulting brilliant cut diamond that is available today. As the diamond cuts are transformed into today’s multi-faceted round brilliant cut diamond, the different styles have progressed from stage to stage.

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What specific guidelines make a diamond cut into a brilliant?

The different guidelines that have transformed a diamond cut into a brilliant cut began from the old European cut, which was transformed into the circular brilliant and then the modern brilliant cut. The progression of the round brilliant cut diamond has seen diamonds from the different periods being distinct in their appearances. Over the years, there have been larger facets, smaller culets and different shaped facets. When you compare the older diamond brilliant cuts with the modern brilliant cuts, there are different patterns of light and dark when it is held face up. By the 1750s, the brilliant cut had seen many different variations in the size and its proportions, such as crown height, table size, culet size, depth and the length of the facets on the lower half of the diamond.

What are several tips for consumers to take in mind when choosing to buy brilliant cut diamonds?

Several tips for consumers to consider are that modified brilliant cut diamonds are more popular than other diamonds. They have to take into consideration the cut, the shape and size of their rings, but it can be enhanced with other metal shapes. Buyers should familiarize themselves with the term “hearts and arrows,’ which completely conceptualizes the diamond buying experience. Brilliant cut diamonds should ideally have excellent symmetry, even though this is not always the case. If the hearts and arrows are in perfect symmetry, then you are getting an excellent diamond. Bear in mind also, that others that are not lined up are flawed and should not have a hefty price tag. Using a solitaire brilliant cut diamond ring or a square brilliant cut diamond, is perhaps the best way to view the hearts and arrows from a Firescope viewer. The cut is also a very important factor when deciding on a 1.5 carat brilliant cut diamond that you are shopping for. The size, amount of sparkle, shape and size of your hand is also just as important.

How popular are brilliant cut diamonds?

Some of the most popular diamonds in today’s market are the round cut diamonds. For decades they have been top sellers. Because of its popularity, there are endless options for comparison shopping. Many purchasers of diamonds lean towards a round cut brilliant diamond as it is in line with their views of a modern looking and feeling diamond. The splintery pattern of the brilliant cut diamond is a favorite of many as it enable a mosaic of darker patterns and light to be reflected in it. Older cuts, such as the old European cut, possess a small table with a steep crown, large culet and shorter facets on its lower half, which imparts a checkerboard pattern. They however, have different proportions.

What are some popular buying options for brilliant cut diamonds? Types of metals, other ring options?

Popular buying options for the brilliant round cut diamond; because of the round shape that the brilliant cut diamond possesses, it makes it great for an engagement ring that can be worn daily. No sharp edges or corners, and no other edges which can be susceptible to breakage or chipping. Because of its popularity, they are available in all of the different metal choices that are available, which include popular choices such as platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. If you are in the market for a brilliant cut diamond, ensure that you maximize the measurements for your ideal cut and choose the lower cost. Other choices include emerald, ruby, sapphire, as well as the diamond itself. Just like the color, it is just as subjective to evaluate the clarity in a round diamond. There are clarity grades available that can be consulted before purchasing. It is best to note the preference of each client and their standard when it comes to clarity. Some people are okay with inclusions if they are unable to see it, while others will prefer it to be flawless. There are many things to consider when shopping for diamonds, as there are differences in the diamonds that are not visible to the untrained eye. If you are experiencing an issue with choosing the right diamonds, then let the experts do it for you.

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