Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring can be a stressful process. However it doesn't have to be. By taking a little bit of time to understand all the components of the engagement ring, the decision can be a simpler one. You'll also have a beautiful ring to celebrate your engagement. Learn all about metal, ring styles, diamonds, gemstones and how to buy and engagement ring in order to make the best decision. You can also start by learning the part of an engagement ring with our 101 guide so you can get on the right path to the perfect ring for a perfect proposal.

Ring Buying Guide

Explore our engagement ring shopping guide for expert advice on choosing the perfect style at the perfect price. Ring buying is made easy with these steps.

matching diamond engagement ring and wedding band Buying Guide

Ring Collections

Browse a variety of ring styles. From halos, to solitaire, classic to contemporary and even three stone rings. Learn the differences and see which suites you best.

halo style engagement ring collection Collection Guide

Ring Sizing

You've got it all, except the finger size! Follow our printable guide for tips on finding out the size, whether secretively or not. Get it right the first time!

ring finger sizing keys Sizing Guide

Setting Styles

Even subtle differences matter with engagement rings. Look at the find detailing of various setting styles up close so you can determine which fits your perfect ring.

zoomed diamond pave setting style on an engagement ring Setting Guide

Head Styles

The ring setting's head is particularly important for it holds your center stone. The head is in the spotlight so see the choices up close before choosing a ring style.

zoomed in engagement ring showing prong set diamond head Head Guide

Buying Online

Learn the positives and negatives of buying an engagement ring online. Get tips and additional information to make the right decision with any online jewelry store.

engagement ring set for buying diamond rings online Online Buying Guide

Diamond Education

With so many diamonds to choose from, it can be an overwhelming task to learn everything you need to know. However, that also means that there is a diamond perfect for your budget and preferences available. Simply master a few basics like the 4 C's: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat, diamond certification and pricing and a beautiful diamond can be chosen easily. Be sure to factor in aspects like her taste in diamond shape and size while making your decision. Learn more about every aspect of buying a diamond.

Diamond Guide
three loose diamonds that sparkle showing how to buy perfect diamonds

Gemstone Education

For a non-traditional engagement ring, consider purchasing one with a sapphire, black diamond, or ruby center. This unique choice will be sure to set her ring apart from anyone else's. Gemstones are also vetted on characteristics like carat, size, clarity and origin. Factoring elements like taste and budget into the equation can help you make the perfect choice.

Gemstone Guide
ruby, emerald and sapphire gemstones loose showing high natural AAA quality

Metal Education

Engagement rings are crafted with precious metals like gold and platinum. Within gold there are many varieties like yellow, white and rose with differing carat weights. Choosing a metal is dependent on understanding her preferences in color, as well as choosing one that falls within the ring budget. Learn everything you need to know to discern the differences between metals and choose the right one.

Metals Guide
metal bands in 14kt white gold, yellow gold, platinum and rose gold

Craft A Ring

ring crafted on With Clarity's online craft a ring shopping experience

Crafting a customized ring is easy with With Clarity's shopping experience. Choose any metal, the perfect diamond and the right ring setting for the ultimate experience.

Shop Rings

Where To Buy Rings

engagement ring bought and package in With Clarity boxes

Customers can shop for engagement rings in store or online. Let us guide you through the pros and cons or each so you can make your own decision for which suites you best.

Where To Buy

Choosing A Jeweler

a jeweler's diamond and gemstone loupe tool

With 1,000's of jewelers out there, choosing the right jeweler is very important. Get objective advice on making the right choice, whether in store or online.

Jeweler Guide

Conflict Free Sourcing

a rough diamond sourced conflict free

Craft the perfect engagement ring that is uniquely her. Our online ring crafting experience lets you customize you ring with any diamond and metal of your liking.

Conflict Policy