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Buying an engagement ring is an important process. It's essential to gather all the right information before making a decision. Follow this step by step guide to make sure you get the perfect one when you buy an engagement ring online.

Determine Your Budget

Before you start the adventure of researching a ring, try to determine how much you would like to spend. Of course, it is difficult to narrow down options before understanding how much the average ring costs. On average, people spend about $5000 on an engagement ring. However, budgets can vary widely. If you have an idea of what she might want in terms of size, shape and style, you can start your research there. Otherwise, think about a number that would be comfortable for you to spend. Weigh your daily expenses, and long-term goals to understand how much you should spend and how to align your finances.

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Research Rings

The next step is to understand which type of ring will be the perfect match for her. The best way to do this is to visually compare ring styles. Oftentimes, it's hard to pinpoint the exact style until you see it in person. Browsing through catalogs can help, but the biggest hurdle if you buy an engagement ring online is the try-on. With Clarity lets you see the ring in person and try it on with free Home Preview. See 3 ring styles at home to compare which looks like a good match for her taste. Save your favorites to a wishlist, and share with close family or friends to get their opinion. When buying an engagement ring, we recommend going with styles that are timeless. The key is to determine which style elements she would love the most. Sometimes it's an elegant cathedral head or a diamond accented band. Through research, educate yourself on the varieties.

Understand Her Style

Next, piece together what her style is like. Try to observe what she wears on a regular basis, what she wears on a night out and what her taste in jewelry is like. If she clearly likes a particular metal color such as rose or yellow gold, you can consider getting a ring in that metal. If she's a fan of vintage and 50's inspired or victorian designs, try a vintage inspired style. If her style is understated, a classic ring with a few diamond accents might look beautiful. Use hints she drops, advice from friends and family to ensure that you're understanding her style.

Research Online Jewelers

Now that you've gotten an understanding of the type of ring style you should be getting, start narrowing down which online jeweler you want to purchase from. Go with one that has reviews online on trusted review sites. Hearing about real customer experiences, can be a great way to build confidence in a company. Also ensure that any online jeweler that you're purchasing from has a lifetime warranty, insured shipping and a return policy. With these safeguards, you can ensure that you purchase is secure. Be sure to reach out to their customer service team via phone, email or live chat. The more open and responsive a customer service team, the more likely it is that they're putting in the care and attention to craft your ring just the way you want it. If purchasing diamonds, ensure that you're buying from a reputable seller that sells you GIA certified diamonds and includes the original certification with the diamond. Buy with a retailer that is open and transparent and makes you feel comfortable about the purchase without pushing you to overpay. A jeweler that works with you as a partner to understand your needs is the best one to buy from. Learn more about trusting an online jewelry.

Make Your Selection

Once you feel comfortable with a jeweler and their selection and offering, make your selection. If you need help narrowing your diamond options, feel free to reach out and ask. Oftentimes, diamonds can be difficult to understand at a glance, having an expert walk you through the GIA certificate can be a great way to feel confident about the look and sparkle of the diamond. Once you feel confident, make your selection. As for sizing, you can enlist the help of a friend or family member to find out her ring finger size. You can also, measure a ring that she currently wears and gauge by the millimeter what her size might be. If she's shopping with you, simply ask. Ensure that you give yourself approximately three weeks before you want to propose so that you have enough time to have the ring in your hands before the big day. Once you're done, sit back and plan the perfect proposal to sweep her off her feet.

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