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Your Guide Engagement Ring Financing (Or Having a Payment Plan for Your Engagement Ring)

Time stood still when you fell in love. Unfortunately, the clock won't stay on pause while you pay down your mortgage or student loan. For more and more of us, engagement coincides with other pretty significant life expenses. Thankfully, engagement ring financing is available, enabling you to select the ring of her dreams while meeting other obligations. When the time is right to get engaged, you just know it. Your bank account balance shouldn't have the final say. And that’s where a payment plan for an engagement ring comes in.

What is engagement ring financing?

Like a home, car, college education, or any of life's important investments, your engagement ring can be financed. You can put all or part of the ring's cost on credit, and pay it back over time.

How does engagement ring financing work?

So you’re interested in a payment plan for your engagement ring. But you’re not quite sure where to go or how to get started. Here’s everything you need to know about engagement ring financing in general, and how it works at With Clarity specifically. That way getting the ring is more celebration and less stress.

How to get started

First, set a budget for your engagement ring. Determining how much ring you can afford won't just help you balance the books — it'll help you decide how to prioritize the four C's of diamonds, making a huge spectrum of choices more manageable. Good news: The old "two-month salary" rule is hardly set in stone these days. Here's more information on how to set an engagement ring budget. Then determine how much of that price you'd like to finance.

What buying/paying looks like

With Clarity accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Along with interest-free financing, we're also pleased to offer the With Clarity Card through Synchrony Bank, subject to credit approval.


Different lenders have varying interest rates and special offers. At With Clarity, we're pleased to offer 0% interest on purchases over $199 made on the With Clarity Credit Card, if paid in full within 12 months*. The normal interest rate on the With Clarity Store Credit Card is 29.99%.

Does engagement ring financing affect your credit score?

Yes. And that can be a good thing! Because you'll be financing your engagement ring by opening a new credit account or adding to an existing credit balance, the amount you're financing will be reported to credit agencies, which determine your credit score.

As long as you make timely payments and keep your overall balance a relatively low percentage of your total available credit, engagement ring financing can positively affect your credit score. It can show lenders you're a responsible borrower and a good risk, building a positive credit history.

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Engagement ring financing at With Clarity

There are different providers for engagement ring financing, though. Here at With Clarity, we work with Synchrony Bank. Our process is largely the same as you might find anywhere else, but we offer some features to keep stress even lower for our customers. (Like interest free credit if you pay in full within the first 12 months of your purchase.) But here’s everything you need to know about a payment plan for your engagement ring from With Clarity:

How to get started

Financing your engagement ring on the With Clarity Store Credit is subject to credit approval and the standard terms of your With Clarity Card account. Click here to read more about the terms and conditions and to apply. You'll get a decision instantly!

What payment looks like

Minimum payments are required on your With Clarity Card account.

To check the status of your account, click here to learn more and manage your account on Synchrony Bank's website. After logging into your account, you will be able to make a payment, view your balance, update your account information, and schedule up to your next 12 payments.

Our approach to interest

With Clarity is pleased to offer 0% interest on purchases of $199 or more (after discounts) on purchases made with your With Clarity Card! Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within 12 months. Minimum monthly payments are required.

Interested? You can read more about the terms and conditions and apply for your card today. Or contact us with questions.

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* - Qualifying purchase amount must be on one receipt. No interest will be charged on the promo purchase if you pay it off, in full, within the promo period. If you do not, interest will be charged on the promo purchase from the purchase date. The required minimum monthly payments may or may not pay off the promo purchase by the end of the promo period. Regular account terms apply to non-promo purchases and, after promo period ends, to the remaining promo balance. For new accounts: Purchase APR is 29.99%. Minimum interest charge is $2. Existing cardholders: See your credit card agreement terms. Any discount, coupon, manufacturer rebate, or other promotional offer applied at time of purchase, will reduce your total purchase amount and may result in you not satisfying the minimum qualifying purchase amount required. Subject to credit approval. We reserve the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this offer at any time.


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