Engagement Ring Sizing While Keeping The Surprise

One you find the woman of your dreams, you may find yourself dazed and confused in the world of engagement ring shopping. Beyond the selections of perfectly set diamonds and gemstones Is the anxiety of getting everything just right. Whether you are looking for a wild and spontaneous proposal or a sweet romantic gesture, one thing is for sure; the engagement ring needs to fit!

So, how do you go about finding out her finger size without blowing the entire surprise? It’s time to do some detective work in order to answer the question at hand. If you are extremely fortunate, it may not take much work. But for most, it takes some sneaking and a bit of ingenious thinking to pull it off. On the other hand, you may just assume that you can buy a general size and easily have it resized for the perfect fit.

Having rings sized is extremely common, but it isn’t a decision to make without any caution. Certain rings are not suited for being resized, such as tungsten and titanium. It is also much simpler to have a ring sized down than it is to have it sized up. Throwing caution to the wind and assuming resizing will work just fine can easily limit the material and amount of detail in the ring you purchase in order to make it resizable.

Tactics to Keep Your Proposal Suprise & Getting The Size

The best way to determine her ring size is to go directly to the source. Obviously, you want to do so in secret. For this, you will need a piece of string or a printable finger sizer. While she is sleeping, gently measure her finger with the paper sizer or gently do so with the string. Be sure not to pull it to tight, as this would likely wake her and you also don’t want the ring to be to snug. This is the most accurate way to find her ring size on the down low but you know her best, if she is a light sleeper, move on to the next option.

One of the simplest ways for you to determine her finger size is to sneak around and do some detective work. The first place that you should search is the obvious, her jewelry box. This works especially well with a ring that she wears often or at least frequently enough that you know it and which finger she wears it on. A good rule of thumb is that her dominate hand will be ½ size bigger and depending on which finger she wears the ring on, around ½ to 1 size differ.

For example, if you size a ring she wears on her dominate right hand, on the middle finger and it is a size 7; you can assume her ring finger size is a 7 to a 7.5. How you measure the ring is up to you; printing out a paper ring sizer online may be the simplest. But if you are in a sneaky big hurry, you can slip the ring on your finger and trace each side and then measure that area with the paper ring sizer once you sneak back out of the jewelry box.

If you aren’t comfortable with sneaking around, even for a good reason, it may be time for you to in-list some extra help. Her mom, sister, best friend, or really any female she is close to is a good option. They may be sly enough to discover the answer without her ever having a clue. This is also very useful if you need help figuring out what she wants in a ring. Set up a shopping day with her and someone she is close to, anywhere with jewelry is likely a good fit. Depending on the relationship, it may only take a private conversation to get it out of her and give you an accurate answer.

In the circumstance that you are worried she will figure it out, going to the person she is closest to might work best. Chances are that a mom or aunt may already have a family ring on hand that she has tried on in the past; quickly have it sized and the answer is yours. On the other hand, if she isn’t the suspicious type, you may be able to make her your coconspirator without her even knowing.

Some ideas include buying her a random ring and seeing how it fits, have her try on a ring as a gift for someone else, or even finding a quirky way to bring it up in random conversation. Discovering her ring size doesn’t have to be the hardest part of the perfect proposal. A few nifty tricks and some stealth like handy work is sure to get you the answer that you need.

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