Baguette Diamonds in Anniversary Bands & Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring and anniversary bands are priceless possessions that you’ll cherish for years. In order for your rings to last, it’s important to research the design elements and gemstones that create your jewelry

One popular diamond accent is the baguette diamond, which is used in a variety of jewelry types including anniversary bands and engagement rings. Their unique shape allows for a variety of creative ways to incorporate baguettes into your design.

What Is a Baguette Diamond?

When you hear the word Baguette you might think of a delicious loaf of bread. While this isn’t too far off, the word “baguette” in French means “stick.” So the bread and the diamond get their name from this French term.

Baguette diamonds are thin, long, rectangular-shaped gemstones. Most are rectangular, but you'll see baguettes that are more square in shape as well. In general, the length to width ratio is around 5:1.

Baguettes feature 14 facets, which is less than traditional diamond cuts (typically more than 50). Fewer facets means less sparkle and brilliance than other cuts.

Emeralds and baguettes are both rectangular-shaped cuts and are part of the step cut family, which also includes asscher cuts. Step cut gemstones feature straight, clearly-defined facets. A unique attribute of baguette stones is the square corners that other step-cut gemstones don’t have.

Baguettes aren’t typically used as center stones because a larger version won’t have as much brilliance as other cuts and the cut showcases inclusions and color. Instead, baguettes are smaller in size, and they’re often used as accent stones in engagement rings, anniversary bands or other jewelry.

Diamond Baguettes in Anniversary and Wedding Bands

Baguette’s unique shape and design possibilities make it an ideal option for anniversary and wedding bands. You’ll see baguettes set in a variety of ways in bands. Here are some examples:

Eternity Band with Baguette Diamonds: Eternity bands can have baguettes set horizontally or vertically in the band. Some bands feature diamonds all the way around the band while others half diamonds on only half. Some bands feature other gemstone cuts sprinkled in with the baguettes.

Channel-Set Band featuring Baguette Diamonds: You’ll also see bands with channel-set baguettes meaning that the stones are set along a track of two walls of metal on either side of the gemstones. There are variety of ways to incorporate baguettes into this style of ring–mixed gemstones, horizontal setting, or vertical setting.

Three-Stone Baguette Wedding Band: Three baguette gemstones or diamonds set in a wedding band look delicate and complement the engagement ring. Like the other band styles, there are plenty of design options!

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Diamond Baguettes in Engagement Rings

• As you shop for engagement rings, you’ll see baguettes used as accent diamonds in engagement rings.

• Baguette Diamond Accents in Vintage Inspired Designs: Baguettes make a nice accent diamond choice for vintage-inspired engagement rings. Whether they’re horizontal on either side of a center stone or set vertically next to the center stone, they add sparkle to your engagement ring in a unique way.

Diamond Halo Ring with Baguette Diamond Accents: Horizontal-set baguette diamonds on either side of a halo-set center diamond adds shimmer without taking away from the brilliance of your center stone.

• Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguettes on Either Side: Emeralds and baguettes pair well together because of their similar facets. Tapered baguettes on either side of a large, emerald-cut diamond create an elegant, unique engagement ring.

Baguette Pros and Cons

You’re learned plenty about baguette diamonds and now might be wondering if a baguette is right for your engagement ring and wedding band. We’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages, but the decision comes down to personal preference.


• Baguette gemstones look visually appealing when paired with round shaped-diamonds or gemstones. The contrast is unique and eye-catching.

• This cut is typically less expensive compared to other diamond accent cuts, such as round and emerald-cut.


• The shape makes baguettes more vulnerable to chipping because they’re long and flat, so more surface area is exposed. Plus, they have square corners that can chip.

• Baguettes are less brilliant because they have fewer facets. When paired with a brilliant center stone, the baguette diamond accents could look dull. More light coming through the baguette will increase its brilliance.

• They’re often less expensive compared to other cuts for diamond accents, such as round and emerald-cut. Less cuts and smaller shapes make this cut more affordable.

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