Guide to Huggie Earrings

If you have never tried the increasingly popular huggie style earrings that are becoming available in a wide range of styles, you are in for a surprise. Huggie earrings are small hoop earrings that hug your earlobe. These petite hoop earrings have a number of advantages over the larger hoop earring. These versatile and comfortable earrings are a great choice for both men and women.

While you are obviously aware of the traditional hoop earring that dates back to around 2500 BCE, you may have less experience with the huggie earring. Huggie earrings allow the wearer to put them in and largely forget about them. In fact, due to the unique closure of huggie earrings, you can even sleep comfortably with huggie earrings on.

Because huggie earrings close completely without relying on posts and backs, you will find you leave these earrings in when you might otherwise take your earrings off. Huggies won’t cause discomfort when speaking on the phone or wearing headphones. As people have flocked to huggie earrings due to the increased comfort, designers have begun to design increasingly clever huggie earrings adding to the appeal of these contemporary earring options.

Common Huggie Earring Styles

● Hinge Huggie Earrings:

This style of huggie earring is a snap to insert. Designed with a hinge, you simply insert the earring into the piercing hole and click the hinge bar into the back of the huggie earring. Not only are these clever little earrings easy to insert, but they are also comfortable to wear and reduce the likelihood of snagging your clothing. When you wear hinged huggie earrings you also negate the possibility of losing an earring backing.

● Endless Huggies:

Endless huggier earrings are generally thin huggie earrings that are difficult to lose. These delicate earrings are ideal for long wear due to their comfort and the security of their closure. Endless huggie earrings are an ideal choice for days when you want to wear a bit of sparkle but don’t want to worry with checking your earrings to make sure they remain in place.

● Diamond Huggie Earrings:

What, you may wonder, is better than a simple huggie earring? A lovely huggie earring with the added splash of diamond accents. Whether you are looking for a huggie earring set with a trio of diamonds, a string of baguette diamonds, or one or more rows of pave diamonds, you are sure to get compliments on a pair of diamond huggie earrings.

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Other Choices for Huggie Earrings

Even if you are looking for a simple huggie earring, you will find an array of options. Not only will you find huggie earrings in all of the popular metal choices, but you will also find huggie earrings set with stunning gemstone accents and interesting design details.

Metal Options:

Some people have a specific metal that they choose for reasons associated with style, while others choose metal due to skin sensitivities. Whatever your reasoning, you will find huggie earrings available in all of the popular metal choices. If you are stumped in what metal to choose, here are a few things to consider:

● Yellow Gold: Is always a safe choice for someone who has a classic sense of style.

● Platinum: Offers a hypoallergenic option while maintaining a level of sophistication.

● White Gold: Is a great cost-effective alternative to platinum and offers a radiant silvery-white shine.

● Rose Gold: Offers a warm pinkish tint that appeals to many people with a sense of romance.

● Sterling Silver: Is the most cost-effective option for those with skin sensitivity and offers a high shine.

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