Diamond 10th Anniversary Gift: Origins and Popular Gifts

A wedding is a big deal, its an important accomplishment signifying the culmination of a couple's love and devotion in this milestone event. However, weddings have also been plagued with the ups and downs, trials and tribulation of all relationships, therefore each anniversary is special and is to be celebrated and commemorated. Couples take the time to find that special gift that says more than words ever could. This is not so difficult a task in the beginning, but with each new year of marriage, birthdays and other special occasions, the anniversary gift ideas become much more difficult.

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Anniversary Gift Origin

The idea of giving a gift to commemorate wedding anniversaries has been around for a very long time, in fact from medieval times, with traditional gifts of silver and gold given by husbands to their wives to mark and of course honor their 25th and 50th anniversaries respectively. Even these husbands were probably at a loss as to what anniversary gift to bestow in between. Luckily in the 1920’s a writer named Emily Post weighed in on this dilemma with her 1922 book “Etiquette”. This was a good start, she addressed the first anniversary, the 5th anniversary and every five years thereafter up to the 25th wedding anniversary.

The American National Retail Jeweler did the rest in 1937 adding options for year one to fourteen as well as a guide for every five years up to the 50th anniversary. This list has come to be known as the traditional list. A contemporary list was created with modern ideas and options, including anniversaries one to thirty and every five years up to the 75th wedding anniversary.

Why is the Diamond the traditional 10th Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for the ten year anniversary is aluminum or tin, not very memorable or glamorous for a ten year milestone, although there are some nice gift options available. The contemporary 10th anniversary gift option is the diamond. The diamond’s clarity, beauty, strength and durability, is a timeless symbol of bright burning passion, togetherness and eternal love. Just like 10 years is a milestone, diamond jewelry is also a memorable and special piece of jewelry.

Natural Diamonds vs Lab Diamonds

Today, when comsumer sare in the market for diamond jewelry they now have two options: natural diamonds or lab diamonds. In regards to the topic of sourcing or buying diamonds, the most common and important question asked is, are lab created diamonds are real? The answer is yes. Mined and lab-grown diamonds are identical in its optical, physical, and chemical properties. Natural and lab created diamonds main differences lie in price point and origin of formation/creation. With that said, natural diamonds can take millions of years to form within the earth, whereas lab stones are grown by professionals inside a controlled environment. This means that lab created diamonds come at a lower price tag than naturally grown diamonds. Learn more about the lab diamond creation process to understand more about how lab diamonds differ from natural diamonds.

Are lab grown diamonds the same as lab created diamonds?

Lab diamonds go commonly by other names as such: Lab grown diamonds, lab created diamonds, and man made diamonds. To answer this question simply, yes, lab grown diamonds are the same as lab created diamonds. As mentioned in the previous section, lab made/grown/created diamonds all have the same optical, physical, and chemical properties like naturally mined diamonds. Therefore, lab produced diamonds are all real according to natural diamond standards.The only factor that differes is that they were created in a controlled lab.

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What type of jewelry will she like

Diamonds can be intimidating and you may not be sure where to start. Diamonds (both natural and lab-grown) are valued by their carat weight, clarity and color. Prices will vary according to those guidelines so you can choose the best gift option for her. The cost of these popular 10th anniversary diamond gifts will vary not only based on price, but also based on the setting. You may choose pink, yellow or white gold settings as well as platinum, which is the most expensive and durable option.

Popular Types of Diamond Jewelry Gifts

Diamond Earrings Earrings are always a safe choice if you are unsure of the gift to give, make sure her ears are pierced. Always err on the side of caution, smaller tasteful, timeless designs can be a suitable diamond anniversary gift for women of all ages. Studs and drops are great options.

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Diamond Pendants If she already has a favorite chain you can add a diamond pendant this 10th anniversary to give her new options for wearing a favorite gift or a new diamond pendant and chain to grace her neck. Diamond pendants come in many shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect fit for her should not be a problem.

Diamond Necklaces A diamond necklace says it all. A diamond is forever and so is our love. The designs can be simple or flashy. You can choose the carat and setting to suit your taste and budget.

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Diamond Rings A diamond ring is a great way to show individuality and style, because there are so many options, diamonds can be as large as your heart and budget desires. There are so many different settings and styles to choose from to highlight your perfect diamond. Diamond rings can be an upgrade on your original diamond engagement ring or can be a diamond band that is added to your wedding and engagement ring set.

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