Wedding Bands vs Anniversary Bands

While wedding rings make your big day more special, anniversary rings offer a unique way to celebrate your precious bond with your spouse. If you want to know more about wedding bands vs. anniversary bands, this anniversary ring style guide is just for you.

Types of Anniversary Bands

Generally, a traditional anniversary ring features gemstone or diamond accents. You can also opt for a solid platinum or gold band. If you are looking for a classy anniversary gift for your wife, there is nothing like a beautiful ring to commemorate the occasion. Many modern couples celebrate their wedding anniversary by exchanging beautiful and luxurious anniversary bands.

Women’s anniversary rings are available in a large variety of designs, from ornate designs to plain gold bands. Men's anniversary rings usually feature birthstones, diamonds, gemstones, or a solid design. In all cases, the taste of the wearer is the primary determinant of the style and look of the band.

Wedding Bands vs. Anniversary Bands

When comparing wedding bands vs. anniversary bands, the biggest difference is that you don’t have to wear the anniversary ring on your ring finger. Many people engrave a loving or congratulatory inscription on the ring to make it unique. Unless you want, anniversary rings don’t have to replace your wedding bands. Couples can wear them as an extension of their wedding rings.

These rings usually feature a traditional band styling, but you can choose embellishments according to your taste or budget.

Some may also choose to stack their engagement rings, wedding bands and an anniversary band all together for a full and sparkling look. The best way to ensure that she’s happy with the look of her stack is work with the same jeweler that created the wedding and engagement rings to ensure a seamless fit and cohesive look. If worn separately or on the right hand, the anniversary ring can be more creative, larger or embellished with additional features.

Wearing Bands and Rings Together

Wearing an anniversary and a wedding band together is quite popular. However, many women and men may choose to wear it on a different finger of the opposite or the same hand. In simple words, there is no right or wrong way to wear an anniversary band, and you can wear it according to your preferences.

Mixing and matching metals or designs makes it easier for both men and women to wear both rings together. If your wedding ring has a channel setting, a three-stone setting, or a four-prong setting, you can get the same setting for your anniversary bands.

Ring on Finger

Replacing Your Wedding Band with an Anniversary Band

Replacing wedding bands with anniversary bands is becoming a popular trend among contemporary couples. Over time, our interests and style preferences change. That’s one reason you may want to replace your wedding ring with a beautiful anniversary band.

If you don’t want to replace your wedding bands, here are a few ideas:

  • Wear your anniversary ring with your wedding ring.
  • Upgrade your original wedding band. For example, you can add more stones or replace smaller stones with bigger ones.
  • Wear the anniversary band on another finger.

While there’s no rule of thumb, most people wear their anniversary ring on the ring finger of their right hand. That way, the anniversary ring stands out without overshadowing your wedding ring.

History of Anniversary Bands

For centuries, rings signify commitment, love, and fidelity. The Western traditions of anniversary or wedding rings go back to ancient Greece and Rome. Rings were once a part of marital dowry but later became a symbol of fidelity. The current exchange of rings derived as part of Christendom from the European traditions in the Middle Age. The anniversary band is an extension of this tradition as it solidifies the commitment and the strength of the marriage and relationship.

Anniversary Band Styles

Here are some popular designs and types of anniversary bands that you can choose according to your anniversary:

  • A Gold band featuring diamonds: 1st anniversary
  • Sapphire: 5th anniversary
  • Platinum or Palladium rings featuring diamonds: 10-year anniversary rings
  • Ruby rings: 15th anniversary
  • Emerald, Yellow Gold, or Rose Gold rings: 25th-anniversary rings

Although these are popular choices for anniversary bands, you can choose any metal or stones according to your partner’s preferences or your budget. With Clarity also has a selection of other diamond gifts that would work well for any anniversary.

Anniversary Band Customization Options

As an anniversary band is an addition to her jewelry collection, she may enjoy the fact that it has additional customizations and details that reflect your love story.

popular engagement rings open cathedral diamond

3-Stone Anniversary Rings

When you are buying anniversary rings for her, the best way to upgrade a wedding ring or customize an anniversary ring is to choose a three-stone design. The stones can be as per your budget or the taste of your partner. Such rings feature a triple twist band or three-tone stones, symbolizing love, friendship, and fidelity. Three stone rings are also a beautiful way to reflect the past, present and future of your relationship. Commonly, round or oval diamonds are chosen for three stone rings. You can also create something edgy and unique using princess diamonds. In all cases, ensure that you work with a gemologist and jeweler to choose diamonds that match each other well in terms of style, size and quality.

popular engagement rings open cathedral diamond

Eternity Bands

Eternity designs are another popular choice to profess your love on this important milestone. Choose an eternity anniversary band featuring precious stones or diamonds. These rings symbolize your eternal love and commitment that deepens the bond you share with your spouse. Customize to create a half-set or full-set eternity anniversary band. Eternity diamond bands are famous to have all around sparkle and shine. Commonly, round diamonds are used to create the look that circles the ring finger.

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Vintage Anniversary Rings

There is nothing like a vintage design to celebrate your anniversary in style. Traditional platinum or gold rings, embellished with precious stones or diamonds, make the perfect anniversary gift for your partner. You can customize your wedding or engagement ring to create a vintage design. Vintage, art deco or ornate looks are beautiful as they celebrate the unique taste of the wearer and also add something different to her jewelry collection.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

Most couples wait for their marriage to get at least ten years old before choosing an anniversary ring. But, you can buy your partner an exquisite anniversary band to celebrate your second or third anniversary. You can also choose to get an anniversary ring for renewing your wedding vows on your first or tenth anniversary. Diamonds are generally a popular gift for the 10th anniversary, but are beautiful as a gift for any year that you choose to gift them.

Anniversary Bands for Daily Wear

If you want to wear your anniversary band every day, make sure it is comfortable and durable. Consider lifestyle options such as the nature of your job, your hobbies, or any instruments and sports you play frequently. Avoid rings with sharp protrusions if you love knitting or sewing, playing sports, or cooking. If you’re factoring this into your purchasing decision, be sure to ask her opinion or a family or close friend’s opinion. This will help you decide what will work well for her on a regular basis.

With Clarity offers an amazing collection of rings for both men and women. Explore more to find out about our beautiful ring designs.

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