14K Rose Gold Round Engagement Rings

Back in the day, when no questioned whether chivalry was dead, a lot of things had coded meanings. The color of the flowers you choose for your beloved imparted a message, and the same went for the metal on her ring. Rose gold? It stood for romantic love. And even though few people care about these covert messages these days, we still love that symbolism on 14k rose gold round engagement rings.

There's something supremely romantic about this combination. We think it's partly the feminine curves of the round diamond and partly the rosy glow of the metal. But whether you think 14k rose gold round diamond rings are demure or bold, there's no denying their popularity.

But there's something else you should know about 14k rose gold round diamond engagement rings. The round diamond shape, with its numerous facets, hide body color in the stone well. And that effect is even better when you add rose gold to the mix. Diamonds with a slight yellow tinge actually look whiter when placed in rose gold settings.

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