14k Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Among their other charms, 14k yellow gold engagement rings allow you to get the look of an antique engagement ring but without the sky-high price tag. Click to see a curated list of Antique Style Rings That Perfectly Blend the Old & the New.

If you're looking for something a bit more subtle, 14kt yellow gold diamond rings still have a soft glow from the metal that some brides-to-be adore. It's not overly yellow and and looks beautiful against all skin tones. While 14kt yellow gold is traditional, you won't find any old fashioned 14k yellow gold engagement ring settings in our collection. For example, in our Contemporary Collection we have 14k yellow gold engagement rings with twisting and braided diamond bands for a modern look-and-feel.

Whether you're looking for a 14k yellow gold modern engagement ring or something traditional, you'll find it at With Clarity. And if you love yellow gold but are deciding between 14k and 18k, consider your lifestyle. A 14k yellow gold diamond engagement ring can be the perfect way to get that vintage look with maximum durability, since 18k is softer and more prone to scratches.

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