14K Yellow Gold Round Engagement Rings

Although they're less popular than their white cousins, 14k yellow gold round engagement rings are downright regal. They come, brand new, already looking like a vintage or antique ring you hunted down and shelled out a fortune for.

And while some people worry that a 14k yellow gold round diamond ring will be too yellow, they're actually a subdued hue. These rings are simply slightly golden, and the color can work well for you if you're on a budget. This color setting minimizes the contrast between the metal and your diamond if you opt for a lower color grade stone. And that means your diamond actually appears whiter simply based on the color setting you choose.

Here at With Clarity, you'll also be able to choose from a wide variety of setting styles. So if you don't actually want a 14k yellow gold round diamond engagement ring that looks vintage, you can opt for something that looks more modern. Our entire range was crafted knowing that your special someone is unique, and needs a ring that fits her personality and lifestyle.

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