Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum metal's gleaming, silvery white sheen pairs beautifully with all gemstones and white diamonds. That's probably why platinum engagement rings are so striking, and have the fan-following to prove it. But arguably the biggest benefit of getting your ring crafted in this precious metal is that it's about 25 times harder than gold, meaning you can feel confident it will stay beautiful for years to come.

Platinum diamond rings are also the best choice if you're looking for hypoallergenic engagement rings. Since platinum is so pure, it can be worn by people with very sensitive skin who might not be able to wear bands made with metals that use different alloys. Read our article to learn more in depth about the Benefits of Platinum.

Here at With Clarity, you'll find a wide range of platinum diamond engagement rings. We spend time crafting the details of each one so that no matter what her personality and style, you're sure to find the right setting for her here. Get ready for what you've been waiting for and start building your diamond engagement ring here: Rings 101: Ring Buying Help.

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