Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamonds are the “it girl” of engagement rings, at least for the moment. Once eclipsed in popularity by brilliant cuts, like the classic round, emerald cut engagement rings are finally getting recognized as the wearable pieces of art they truly are. And although 2 carat emerald cut diamond rings are popular, you don't need to go nearly that large to create a striking ring that will have people staring. Maybe try a smaller carat weight, but an emerald cut three stone engagement ring style. Get some inspiration with our top picks: Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Rings.

The unique flashing, instead of sparkling, that comes from these diamonds means you don't need a lot to attract attention to your center stone on emerald cut diamond engagement rings. What does that mean for your setting? Since your stone needs no help, your emerald cut diamond ring can be shaped entirely by your beloved's style. Pave, cathedral, wide band, thin band? Doesn't matter. That center diamond is still going to captivate.

We do, however, suggest investing a little more in clarity if you plan on an emerald diamond engagement ring. If diamond clarity is confusing read our article all about Diamond Clarity. Those wide open facets mean any inclusion in your diamond will be more visible, especially in something large, like a 3 carat emerald cut engagement ring.

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