Solitaire Engagement Rings

In our opinion, solitaire diamond rings are like the little black dresses of engagement ring settings. Meaning that they are a classic and a versatile go-to for centuries. These plain band engagement rings make your central diamond--whether it's a round, cushion, princess, oval, radiant, asscher, emerald, pear, or marqise--the star of the show. Learn more about Popular Diamond Shapes in Solitaire Engagement Rings.

Although the details on these rings are subtle, there are still plenty of ways to personalize them to match your unique love story. Choose between 14k and 18k settings in white, yellow, and rose gold as well as platinum. Each metal creates a distinct look for your ring. We also have 4 prong and 6 prong settings available so further tailor how your diamond appears nestled in your solitaire engagement ring. What's the difference between four prong rings and six prong rings? 4 Prong versus 6 Prong Engagement Rings. Does your partner enjoy a wide band engagement ring or a thinner band? We have you covered with a wide variety of solitaire styles focused on the metal band.

Even though solitaires are traditional engagement rings, there are some new and modern variations of this classic. For example, we offer floating diamond engagement rings as well as east west engagement rings for a wearer who wants subtle details to keep people staring.

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