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Your relationship is colorful, and a non-traditional engagement ring may be the perfect fit for you. Ruby, sapphire and black diamond tell your love story when set in a ring. Learn all about gems, metals and ring settings to craft her dream ring.

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Moissanite Gemstone

Moissanite is typically considered a popular alternative to white diamonds. It has the same clear and sparkling appearance as a white diamond and is also natural. However, moissanite varies in terms of it’s color refraction. It is a durable gemstone that is preceded only by a natural diamond.Shop moissanite

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst gemstones are semi-precious stone that have a rich purple hue with a beautiful saturation and hue. Amethyst is the birthstone for February and is also one that promotes calmness and tranquility. This gem makes for a beautiful pairing with diamonds for engagement rings. It can also make for a stunning and unconventional choice for a right hand ring.Shop amethyst

Sapphire gemstone

Sapphire is another one of the precious gemstones. It’s the most popular of the colored gemstones for engagement rings and jewelry. Blue Sapphires have a rich blue tone, deep and rich like royal or navy blue. Pairing exceptionally well with diamonds, blue sapphires can be worn regularly when set in precious metals like rose, yellow or white gold.Shop blue sapphire

Ruby gemstone

Rubies have a deep red color. This red is a rich and deep tone that is perfectly paired with rose, white or yellow gold. Ruby is one of the precious gemstones and is a rare and stunning choice for a gemstone ring. This red gem is also a symbol of love, passion and loyalty making it an ideal choice for a romantic gift or an engagement ring.Shop ruby

London Blue Topaz gemstone

This gemstone is a grayish, blue hue that is rich in tone and sophisticated in appearance. It differs from the blue of the aquamarine and the blue sapphire. The unusual color of this gemstone makes it a striking choice for any piece of jewelry.Shop london blue topaz

Peridot gemstone

Peridot is an earthy green gemstone. The pleasing green hue was actually once a traditional symbol of love. Peridot is the birth gemstone of August. It makes for a beautiful gift or the centerpiece for an unconventional gemstone ring.Shop peridot

Aquamarine gemstone

Aquamarine has a twinkling light blue hue that is like the clear blue of an ocean. It is the birth gemstone for March. Aquamarine is a cool blue that pairs well with diamonds and especially with white gold. Aquamarine gemstones are also known for their calming and relaxing properties. Like an emerald, the aquamarine gemstone is a variation of the mineral beryl.Shop aquamarine

Black gemstone

Black diamonds are a stunning and unconventional choice. Black in hue, these diamonds are still natural and come from the depths of the earth. They possess all the same chemical and physical properties as white diamonds, but have the eye-catching black tone. Black diamonds are available in all the popular shapes and are typically more affordable than white diamonds.Shop black diamond

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Gemstone grading

Gemstone Grading Saturation


Tinges of grey, brown, white and black result in the varying color saturation levels of a gemstone. The lower the amount of these colors within a gem, the more the primary color shines through. However, these types of gems are incredibly rare. With Clarity chooses gems that have rich and vibrant saturation and is on the top end of the spectrum. shop gemstone

Gemstone Grading Hue


Gemstones come within a variety of colors. Even within these colors, there are primary hues and secondary hues that make each gem unique. Mixes of red, blue or yellow with tinges of orang, green and purple can change the look of a gem. Most gemstones do have primary colors as well as secondary. With Clarity hand picks gems to ensure they are at the top end of the hue spectrum with pure color. shop gemstone

Gemstone Grading Clarity


With Clarity has gemstones that are AAA Natural, meaning that they are the top 10% of gemstones available for jewelry creation. These gems have a minimal amount of inclusions to ensure that the color of the gem is the primary focus. Balanced for other features like brilliance and cut, our ring center gemstones are of ideal gemstone

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Ethically sourced, high quality gems are paired with pure and precious metals. We ensure perfection in every millimeter with our 3D rendered computer generated designs. Our aim to to delight her with the quality and glow of our rings.

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Gemstone rings styles

Classic engagement rings use certain features that never go out of style, like pave bands and split shank settings. Pairing your gemstone with one of these elements can easily make it an instant family heirloom.Shop classic

Ring collectionclassic

Expect the unexpected in our contemporary rings collection. This style of setting uses tweaks to traditional designs to create something new and utterly unique. This bands that swirl, floating gemstones and asymmetrical details.Shop contemporary

Ring collection contemporary

A perennial favorite, this setting wraps your center stone with a halo of smaller accent diamonds or gemstones. Sapphire and diamond are the most common combinations.Shop halo

Ring collectionhalo

Representing the beauty and excitement of your past, present and future together, these rings are the perfect ring to wear for your engagement or to celebrate special occasion. Shop three stone

Ring collectionthree

The traditional solitaire engagement ring puts one central gem on display. Choose from an array of dazzling colors as the focal point of her ring. Band design possibilities add flair and character to an otherwise simpler ring style. Small metal details enhance the overall look of the ring.Shop solitaire

Ring collectionsolitaire stone
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Choosing a metal

Gemstone rings can look stunning and truly unique based on the metal that you choose. Learn about all your options to find the right precious metal for her ring.

deliberately different no. 4

Choosing a metal

Gemstone rings can look stunning and truly unique based on the metal that you choose. Learn about all your options to find the right precious metal for her ring.

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Having a firm knowledge of diamonds, I was hesitant to try making a large investment from online sources without seeing a stone in person... yet, I am extremely pleased with the purchase and transaction overall. All parties involved, including Rare Caret, made this a seamless transaction and assisted me with finding the best deal possible! This will be the route I take here forward! The teams invo ...More

Brady Chatelain

Good ring at a good price

Daniel Malone

This jewelry store is awesome. You can customise your engagement ring to your specs and get a great price for a more quality diamond. For below the brick and mortar stores. My fiancee was ecstatic about her ring. And it was a perfect fit. I'm telling everyone I know interested in buying a ring, forget the retails, and go online with With Clarity.

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I was extremely pleased with my purchasing process! I was able to find the most gorgeous diamond studs. With Clarity had excellent customer service and made me feel very comfortable purchasing online. I took the diamond studs to be appraised by my local jeweler and they assured me I got a great price along with top quality.

Alison Grantham

I used With Clarity for the engagement ring and wedding band. The price, customer service and the discreet fast shipping time are the factors that drew me to them. Highly recommend

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I had decided to buy 2 carat diamond to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary It isn't until 2125, but it was interesting and informative reading about the various considerations and pricing. Wish there was an internet in 1975 when I bought the first ring. I was a little skeptical about the various guarantees, but I figured if I used a credit card, I could eventually get my money back if need ...More

JP ONeill

With Clarity made the whole process of creating an engagement ring super easy! Their diamond selection is unmatched in both stock and prices, and they were very accommodating. I love my ring!

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I had a great experience buying the center diamond for an engagement ring from With Clarify. I looked at a bunch of sites online, and With Clarity had the best price for the size I was looking for. The diamond was shipped quickly and was as beautiful as pictured online.

Eric Ma

I got a fantastic engagement ring for my fiancée with a gorgeous diamond from With Clarity! We liked it so much we got both our wedding bands from them as well with the complementary engraving on the inside of the rings! Great customer service; they helped us every step of the way.

Joseph Clemmer

Amazing quality, great service, and quick responses.

jarrett ford

At first I was kind of sketch out about the company and purchasing through but wow just wow. This company is amazing. My ring was made and shipped out very fast. The only thing that I would recommend to the company is to invest in nicer ring boxes for the customer to accommodate the price point of the rings. Other than that, perfect!

Mason Williams

With Clarity really should be on the top of your list if you want the highest quality diamonds for the best possible prices. I did a ton of research before purchasing wedding bands. They not only can source almost any diamond you want but the customization and craftsmanship that goes into the settings are also bar none.

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