Halo Gemstone Engagement Rings

Both classic and contemporary vibes are possible with a diamond halo ring. Whether you choose a gemstone halo ring with moissanite or a colored center stone, these options are as beautiful as the person who wears them. Your gemstone of choice will be surrounded by sparkling diamonds, with the effect of “lighting up” the center stone. Moissanite centers make it look like you have a huge white diamond ring, at a fraction of the cost. Likewise, many other gemstones let you make a fashion statement. Choose a dark stone like sapphire, ruby, or amethyst for a beautiful color contrast. Alternatively, peridot or aquamarine halo rings can give a more subtle look.

Getting engaged can be both fashionable and practical with halo engagement rings. Celebrities have popularized this style in recent years, but there is also a practical benefit. Choose among our favorites like our cushion cut halo engagement rings, and it will look like you spent a lot more money. This is true because with diamond or moissanite halo engagement rings the center stone looks much larger. Want something that will make her finger look longer? Elongated shapes like oval halo engagement rings deliver this optical illusion very well.

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