Solitaire Gemstone Rings

Typically, when people think of engagement rings the first thought are usually about the classic solitaire ring setting style. Still a favorite, these styles have been common for a long time. This isn't surprising, given that styles such as a bezel ring setting can be easy to take care of. Without a lot of details, many options are easy to keep clean. Plus, if you have spent lots of money on a premium diamond, solitaire settings can showcase them. Even some of the best gemstones for engagement rings, such as sapphires and rubies, do well as solitaires.

However, engagement rings aren't the only use for solitaire rings. Many dainty gemstone rings are showcased by themselves, either with fancy metalwork or without. Jewelers often choose to make these simple gemstone rings because of their potential to showcase the gemstone itself. For instance, think about a blue gemstone ring with rose gold: it produces a stunning contrast. Rings with this combination can be a very economical statement. For a bolder look, consider large gemstone rings that incorporate milgrain or clean lines in the setting. Who said solitaires have to be boring?

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