Three Stone Gemstone Rings

Regardless of what gemstone you love the most, three stone ring styles are a modern classic. First marketed heavily in the early 2000s, they caught on very quickly. Among the most popular options is the oval gemstone ring, which is especially nice in darker colored gemstones. For instance, an amethyst three-stone gemstone ring set in rose gold gives a rich, contemporary look. At the same time, this choice is classic enough that it will be wearable in ten years. When investing in fine jewelry, this can be important. Similarly, consider a three stone emerald cut ring in moissanite or a light-colored gem. These show off the clarity of your stones for a timeless look. Better yet, it'll look like you paid a lot of money even if you didn't.

Three stone gemstone rings don't have to be only cocktail rings. Instead, diamond and gemstone rings are actually frequently worn as engagement rings. Just look at the many celebrity rings that have appeared lately. Blue sapphire and ruby options are especially classic and popular. For the gemstone ring of her dreams, check out our gemstone ring builder. Select the gemstone you want for the center, and we'll show you what is available. Or, chat, email, or call us for more specialized options.

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