Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

As a beautiful and classic gem, blue sapphire has long enjoyed popularity for rings and other jewelry. Its blue color alone means that it can be worn with almost any color clothing, and it is easy to combine with other gemstones for jewelry. However, blue isn't the only sapphire color out there. Sapphire comes in pink, yellow, purple, and more. While sapphires of other colors are becoming more popular, the blue sapphire gemstone typically comes to mind first. These have dominated the sapphire jewelry scene for generations.

With diamonds losing popularity for younger generations, blue sapphire engagement rings are becoming more common. This all began in the 1980s when Prince Charles of Britain gave a lovely sapphire diamond ring to his fiancée Diana. Like a family heirloom, it would be passed on to the next generation when his son again presented the ring to his girlfriend. Even the untimely death of Princess Diana didn't dampen the allure of this beautiful ring. We think that this is in part because of the blue sapphire meaning that includes commitment and fidelity.

Naturally, not all rings need to look like hers to symbolize your love. Depending on the recipient the style might not be appropriate. For someone who likes a unique setting, consider our assortment that looks like vintage blue sapphire rings. These can include flowers and vines, or even a simple prong setting. Likewise, for a lovely color contrast, consider a rose gold blue sapphire ring. With rose gold being so popular, this option allows for a modern interpretation of a classic.

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