Moissanite Engagement Rings

When getting engaged, there is a lot of pressure to impress with a lovely engagement ring. Customers who want a “big” white stone but can't afford the diamond price should consider affordable moissanite engagement rings. This lovely white stone is used for beautiful moissanite rings using gems of all sizes. At With Clarity, we offer moissanite stones up to three carats. Several different designs are available, from classic round solitaires and halos to florals. We even carry rose gold moissanite engagement rings.

What is moissanite? It is a lab-created mineral made of silicon carbide, and which sparkles beautifully when faceted. The majority of customers can't tell the difference between moissanite vs diamond because there is so much sparkle. Better yet, an oval moissanite engagement ring is a great value for ring buyers on a budget. Most people won't know the difference, even up close. Instead, your intended may get compliments from people who love that ring.

Keep in mind, moissanite isn't the least expensive diamond alternative. For fine jewelry, that designation belongs to cubic zirconia. However, the main difference in moissanite vs cubic zirconia is the hardness. Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25 out of 10, but cubic zirconia is much softer. As a result, you are normally better off choosing moissanite diamonds for something that will be worn every day.

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