Peridot Engagement Rings

Like a gem that has been mined and worn since ancient Egyptian times, peridot is a classic. The medium green color reminds us of grass in the spring, even though it is August babies who have a peridot birthstone. Maybe the peridot stone meaning of strength and balance matches well with those born in late summer. Of course, this peridot meaning also suggests a healthy body and mind, frequently encountered during August vacations.

Because the peridot price is relatively low, many people can afford it. Peridot jewelry is wonderful if you want to treat yourself to something nice. Given as a gift, peridot value is high because it shows someone that you care without breaking the bank. This is especially true if the recipient has been seen wearing peridot gem before, or if her favorite color is green. Earrings made from peridot stone are another economical option for enjoying this ancient gem.

Especially as a selection for occasional wear, peridot rings are sure to impress. Peridot in general is a relatively soft gem, so you should be sure not to let it get scratched. Choose a peridot gold ring to match your favorite outfit, or to complement something else in your jewelry collection. Dressing to impress? That peridot and diamond ring you've been admiring might be the perfect accessory. Finally, for a stunning color contrast consider a white gold peridot ring. The combination of warm green and white metal can be eye-catching.

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