Ruby Engagement Rings

For a classic, yet striking piece of jewelry, consider using a ruby gemstone. These red stones have been favored for jewelry over thousands of years, even gracing royal crowns. Key to the value of rubies is its color. The Hindus from India had a ruby gemstone color chart that separated lower quality rubies from higher ones. Mixing qualities was considered a bad idea.

So, what is a red ruby gemstone, anyway? Rubies are the darker red variety of corundum, a family completed by various sapphires. Gemologists have gone far beyond the Hindu ruby caste system to try and know all about the ruby gemstone. The clarity of ruby gemstone is less important than some other gems. However, one of the biggest factors in ruby gemstone price is its color. Another one is the origin, with rubies from Myanmar most valuable. Knowing more about this beautiful gem will help consumers know how to choose ruby gemstone.

Many customers find that a ruby gemstone ring is a wonderful way to display these noble gems. They have been worn for a long time as a symbol of wealth and power. Nowadays, they are a symbol of love. Some modern brides have even combined them with diamonds for stunning engagement rings. Want something sustainable? Consider vintage ruby rings or something inspired by them.

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