Platinum Gemstone Rings

Among the most stunning jewelry pieces out there are platinum diamond engagement rings. Very popular during the Victorian period, these platinum rings for women often featured elaborate scrollwork and miligrain settings. Besides diamonds, platinum can be used for a classic sapphire ring with a vintage feel. A platinum ring gemstone can be enjoyed by anyone who loves quality heirlooms. However, you don't have to be a vintage jewelry lover to appreciate round cut platinum engagement rings. Modern setting styles adapt themselves well to platinum, even if designed for casting in gold.

Understanding the differences between white gold vs platinum will help explain why platinum engagement rings were once so popular. Often, white gold has to be plated with rhodium to shine more brilliantly. As a naturally white metal, platinum doesn't have this problem. Furthermore, platinum is a hard, durable metal. The durability makes it a star for unique engagement rings that are worn every day.

Of course, you can get a platinum gemstone ring in many different types. Besides the classic blue sapphire, there are rubies, amethysts, aquamarines, and more. Fun fact! Aquamarine platinum gemstone engagement rings were popular during the Victorian period. We think these are a very lovely option for any wearer.

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