Cushion Gemstone Ring

Soft lines and simple elegance are the hallmarks of cushion cut engagement rings. Understanding cushion cut vs princess cut will explain the reason. Both cushion cut and princess feature a square profile, but your cushion cut ring will have rounded off corners for the stone instead of pointed ones. This gives a softer profile for a cushion cut halo ring. Better yet, rounded corners aren't likely to catch on your clothes or household items.

We love cushion cut halo engagement rings because of their timeless style. Choose one with a diamond center or opt for one of our gemstone styles. With gemstones, the surrounding diamonds will show off the brilliant colored center. Modern brides might enjoy rose gold cushion cut engagement rings, which pair classic styling with a romantic touch.

Getting a cushion cut halo for right-hand rings is an elegant option for special occasions, such as anniversaries. These are available in both colored gems and diamonds. Have a smaller budget and a desire to get a “large” ring? Cushion cut double halo engagement rings can deliver stunning, yet affordable, results. Remember, it's cheaper to get lots of small accent diamonds rather than one large center diamond.

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