Emerald Gemstone Rings

Did you know that one of the oldest ways of cutting diamonds is the emerald cut? Because it has relatively few facets, jewelers have been making emerald cut engagement rings for centuries. Most museum level jewelry collections will have an emerald cut ring of some type and often have several. These can be made of many different colored gems or diamonds, and are a work of art.

Because of the high clarity of aquamarine, it is fairly common to find an emerald-cut aquamarine ring. Princess Diana had a lovely one which has been passed on to her sons. This ring was worn recently by the Duchess of Sussex while going to a reception. For a modern adaptation, consider a rose gold emerald cut engagement ring. Rose gold looks lovely with aquamarine, combining pink and blue to add romance.

To combine the antique and modern another way, emerald halo cut engagement rings are a unique option. Typically, the side diamonds will be brilliant or princess cut, both of which have lots of sparkle. Consider an emerald cut sapphire ring to wear in the evening or present it as an engagement classic. For those with smaller budgets, emerald cut moissanite and emerald cut lab diamonds is also available.

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