Oval Gemstone Rings

Right now, one of the biggest bridal trends is oval cut engagement rings. Understanding round vs oval shape is key to this trend. An oval cut diamond has longer sides than the top, while round cuts are the same diameter in every direction. Similar to round diamonds, the oval cut features brilliant facets.

With an oval cut ring, you get a sparkling diamond that makes your finger look longer than it is. For those with shorter fingers, this allows them to wear a larger and elongated diamond with ease. Plus, an oval cut rose gold engagement ring is very beautiful, combining clean lines with a rosy pink is simply gorgeous. We think that is one reason why oval cut diamond rose gold is such a popular choice these days. Pick a setting with milgrain or floral elements for something extra romantic.

For a simple oval cut engagement ring, many people choose a large stone in the center with accent diamonds on the band. This is an adaptation of the classic round version and showcases the center diamond beautifully. Our collection of oval cut solitaire engagement rings. Even though these only have one diamond, they aren't necessarily boring because there can be lovely, detailed metalwork on the band. For something spectacular choose among our oval cut halo engagement rings. These feature a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. Halo rings look larger than they are and can turn on the wow factor.

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