Pear Gemstone Rings

One of the less common options, pear cut engagement rings can be lovely. When worn pointing towards the heart, they have a romantic meaning of “thinking about you.” Why are people more likely to choose an oval vs pear cut ring? For one, they are an elongated shape, therefore the diamond would appear larger. Moreover, it is a good stylistic choice for those who want their fingers to appear longer.

However, be careful because a pear shape. The tapered tip of a pear gemstone can snag onto things or chip if a prong is not covering the tip. With that said, pear cut halo engagement rings avoid the practical challenges. With a pear cut halo ring, the diamonds surrounding your center stone soften the point so it can't catch easily. As a bonus, the halo will help your diamond or pear cut moissanite look larger than it is. Simple elegance becomes rather affordable, especially if you use moissanite. Choose between our pear cut rose gold engagement ringsfor something that's both modern and romantic.

Of course, the pear cut is for more than just colorless gems. Look at fine jewelry collections, and you will find pendants featuring an emerald pear cut. Two can make a lovely set of earrings, or pair them with a pear cut emerald ring. Similarly, a sapphire pair cut ring can be worn for any occasion. Blue sapphires in particular go with anything.

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