Princess Gemstone Rings

Contemporary and elegant, princess cut engagement rings are a bold statement of love and commitment. Princess cut stones feature sharp corners with a brilliant cutting style for lots of sparkles. In many ways, this makes them a great combination of clean lines with flashes of light. Use them in earrings that even a man can wear, or as the center of white gold princess cut engagement rings. Either way, these are modern classics that many people will love.

Of course, white gold isn't the only available setting for a princess cut ring. Try yellow gold bands with floral motifs for lovely princess cut solitaire engagement rings that are sure to please. Your loved one will adore the contrast between the white diamond and yellow metal. Does your darling enjoy glamour? Try looking at Princess cut halo engagement rings, this style definitely exudes opulence!

How about a more romantic appeal? Rose gold princess cut engagement rings capitalize on a cute trend without busting your budget. Alternatively, choose a super feminine rose gold setting with floral or miligrain details. Finally, princess cut halo rings with a colored center offer a nice mixture of classic and contemporary.

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