Round Gemstone Rings

For many centuries, young men have presented their girlfriends with round engagement rings. Whether that ring has featured carvings of the happy couple or been a contemporary round solitaire engagement ring, there are endless variations. This is one reason why the round ring is always a classic choice. So much so, that simple round engagement rings get passed from one generation of brides to another. Even now, the term “engagement ring” typically conjures up the image of a round cut engagement ring solitaire. Over the centuries, the settings have come in a dazzling array of styles, from the simple prongs to elaborate scrollwork.

Naturally, this isn't the only use of a round solitaire ring. These rings come in many styles and sizes which can be worn on any occasion. Round gemstone rings lend themselves well to any outfit due to their classic elegance. A round halo ring will often provide a pop of color ringed by several dazzling white diamonds. These can be given for engagements, but also provide everyday elegance to any woman's world. Not ready to pop the question? Think about an engraved round gemstone promise ring to celebrate your love.

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