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Clarity Lab Created Diamond
lab diamonds IGI certified

What are lab diamonds?

Our lab diamonds are IGI certified and hand picked for brilliance and quality. Identical in every way to natural diamonds, lab diamonds are the technology powered, budget friendly alternative to earth mined diamonds.


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What is a lab created diamond?

What is a lab
created diamond?

Lab diamonds are “grown” in lab settings. Labs are able to mimic the same way natural diamonds are grown within the earth. High-tech methods are used to speed up the process and create a diamond that has the same qualities as a natural diamond. While natural diamonds take billions of years to form, lab diamonds are grown with intense heat and pressure within a short period of time.

lab diamonds IGI certified

Lab diamonds are made in carefully controlled lab environments that pay close attention to quality. They are created using extreme heat and pressure. Pure carbon is used to generate lab grown diamonds, just like natural diamonds. Depending on the size of the diamond, it can take up to 8 weeks to create lab diamonds rough, after which it is cut into popular diamond shapes for jewelry

lab diamonds IGI certified

Why lab Diamonds?


Lab diamonds are a real diamond alternative that’s more affordable.


Grown in a lab, creating these diamonds does not cause damaging environmental impact.


Available in all popular shapes and sizes just like earth mined diamonds.


Lab diamonds have the same sparkle, and quality as their natural counterparts.


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How is a lab grown diamond made?

How is a lab grown
diamond made?

lab diamonds IGI certified

Diamond seeds are placed into a chemical vapor deposition reactor. Within the reactor, low pressure and gases are carefully added. Carbon-rich gases heat up until plasma is created at several thousand degrees. Gas molecules then start to break apart and the atoms within the gas seperate to attach to the diamond seeds. The tiny atoms fall on the diamond substrates and form in layers. Rough diamond crystals form within 6 to 10 weeks.

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lab diamonds IGI certified
lab diamonds IGI certified

A small, flawless diamond seed is placed into pure carbon. The diamond is then exposed to extreme pressure and intense heat up to 2,600 °C. As the carbon melts on the seed, layers form around the diamond. The newly formed substance is cooled to form a diamond. The rough diamond is then ready to be cut and potentially heated to improve its appearance.

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lab diamonds IGI certified

With Clarity diamonds

We offer an unmatched collection of the finest lab
grown and natural diamonds.

We offer an unmatched collection of the finest lab grown and natural diamonds.

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Such a great company to work with! The at-home previews were gorgeous and could pass as the real deal because the ring I purchased looked exactly like the preview ring. The phone and e-mail responses by customer service were so fast, polite, and helpful. I spent a day emailing them back and forth because I messed up my shipping address, and my MAX wait time for a reply was about an hour. I’m so ...More

Kelsey Buchmann

Really great service, and helpful in finding my fiancée's engagement ring and love the matching wedding band. Would highly recommend.

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I just recieved my Lab diamond from With Clarity...I got it shipped to looks fantastic! They have great customer service as well as I ordered the wrong setting and I called the next day and it was taken care of no problem...I highly recommend prices as well for better quality! Even with the duties and taxes I had to pay on top of the purchase price! Will be letting my frien ...More

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Where to begin. Okay so we purchased a 3ct diamond ring at With Clarity. The team is 5 stars! The entire process almost felt too easy -- they were patient, super helpful, intelligent and went above and beyond. The diamond: We were spending a reasonable amount for the size of diamond so it was crucial the experience was transparent with as much help as we needed provided. I worked with Alex and Cl ...More

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My (now) fiance loved the ring! It was really easy to find diamonds and settings, and they display exactly what it will look like, so well. Highly recommend!

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With Clarity was a great place to find an engagement ring. I thought shopping online would be difficult but it came out greater than expected and my fiancé loved it. Will shop with them again.

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Absolutely beautiful ring and even better than I expected. I was extremely nervous buying a ring sight-unseen and looked for months and months for the right one. I somehow landed on With Clarity and custom built my ring. They had it ready in exactly the time frame they mentioned, and how no issues whatsoever during the whole process. Would highly recommend--not to mention the fiancé is in LOVE wi ...More

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Great product and even better service!

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Ring came, was beautiful and was at a great price, I recommend to all my friends

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With Clarity made my shopping experience so great and they went out of their way to exchange the diamond I originally had set in the ring to one that I liked. They were extremely efficient and prompt with all their communications and actions. Very satisfied customer! Can highly recommend it to anyone!

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Is a lab grown diamond better?

A lab grown diamond is identical to a natural diamond. However, it is less expensive as the mining and processing time is cut down significantly. So it can be better if you’re looking for affordability and high quality. Because it’s created in a lab, it’s also 100% conflict-free and less damaging to the environment. However, if your heart is set on natural diamonds, lab diamonds won’t be a viable option. Be sure, as you would with any diamond purchase that you’re getting a certified diamond from a vetted jeweler.

Are lab created diamonds the same as natural diamonds?

Natural diamonds and lab created diamonds are identical. They are made from the same carbon and form in the same conditions. A natural diamond is formed within the earth, while a lab diamond forms in conditions that mimic natural diamond formation within the earth. Lab diamonds are real. Lab diamonds have the same sparkle and properties as natural diamonds.

Will a lab diamond retain value in the future?

Lab diamonds will retain their core value, just like any jewelry or diamond would. However, as jewelry, especially one that is preowned is usually sold for less than the purchase value, you should buy lab diamonds with the intention to wear and enjoy them. Purchasing to see an appreciating value over a short period of time is not a wise strategy.

How much is a lab created diamond?

A lab made diamond is often 30% the cost of it’s natural diamond counterpart with all properties like carat, shape, cut, clarity and color being held equal. Round diamonds can often be less expensive than fancy shapes, and the opposite is true in natural diamonds, due to the cutting and formation. To ensure you’re getting not only the best pricing and quality, be sure to purchase a lab diamond that comes with a certification and a return policy. This will ensure peace of mind for your purchase.

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