Lab Diamond Necklaces

People who want a Valentine's day necklace without breaking the bank should consider lab diamond necklaces. At a price point about 30% cheaper than the same necklace made with natural diamonds, these are a great way to save money. Also, you can often get the same styles made with lab or natural diamonds, meaning that there is plenty of selection. Because they are considered real diamonds, these stones provide the same optical properties as their mined counterparts. This means that you can get major sparkle and feel like you're wearing the “real thing” for less. We can even make a custom necklace cheap with these lovely diamonds.

Want another idea for gift giving? A mother-daughter necklace set is a great way for moms to celebrate her daughter's growing up. When either woman wears her necklace, she'll be reminded of the other. At family gatherings, you might both wear it to celebrate your relationship. Just as nice is the fact that the daughter will now have a nice piece of jewelry for future special milestones like their wedding day. Nothing boosts confidence like real diamonds! Best of all, she'll treasure it forever. Curious to know how much you can save with lab diamonds? View our Natural Diamond vs Lab Diamond Pricing Chart.

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