Classic Diamond Necklaces

One of the things to think about with necklaces is that they have been worn for many centuries. Royalty in Europe and elsewhere have piled gold and gemstones on their necks in this way, showing off their wealth and power. Tribal cultures still wear classic necklaces made of shells, bone, and other organic materials. Some adolescents wear a simple necklace made of hemp or leather cord and decorated with beads. Today, men and women alike enjoy a chain necklace because these can complement any outfit. It is almost an understatement that necklaces are important to many cultures.

Today, one of the more popular gifts between romantic partners is the love necklace. These often incorporate hearts in one way or another. Probably the most classic is a simple heart shape full of diamonds or gemstones, which is always a go-to for gifting during the holiday season. Another love necklace design has interlocking hearts. Some hearts are made of solid gold or silver and might include a birthstone. Need some inspiration? Check out our wide variety of classic necklaces.

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