Solitaire Natural Diamond Necklaces

For many of us, the first style of diamond necklace we think of is the diamond solitaire necklace. By definition, these necklaces have only one diamond in them. Typically, the only other material used is a precious metal for the setting. However, what the diamond solitaire pendant is seemingly 'missing' versus other styles, it gains back in elegance. Put your diamond solitaire necklace with just about any outfit you choose, and it will be the star of the show. Especially if you have a larger diamond or a stunning setting, you’ll feel beautiful wearing it. Lost about how many carats to buy? Check out our Diamond Shape & Pricing Chart.Of course, just wearing something given by a loved one is special.

Another great thing about these solitaire jewelry necklaces is that they can be combined with many other jewelry pieces. In particular, a diamond solitaire pendant can be worn with most kinds of earrings. Access our Diamond Earrings Guide. You might have matching diamond studs or prefer to wear diamonds with your birthstone. Do you have a tennis bracelet? A pendant with a plain setting will match very well. Best of all, these jewelry necklaces never go out of style.

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