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Lab Diamonds

Lab diamond jewelry is made with the highest standards for quality and purity. Lab grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds. The only difference is that they are grown in a lab, that is set up to mimic the conditions of the earth. 30% the cost of natural mined diamonds and identical in every other way.

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Natural Diamonds

All of our natural (including lab) diamonds, are vetted and personally-selected to ensure conflict-free qualities, as well as maximum sparkle and brilliance. To add on, we only offer internationally-renowned GIA certified diamonds, so you can browse and shop with confidence.

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Gemstone Grading

Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry Cleaning

Lab created diamond

Why gift jewelry

How to pick a gift

How are With Clarity gemstones graded?

All of our diamonds and colored gemstones are vetted and personally selected for the best quality. Our natural and lab diamonds follow The Universal Measure of Quality, a grading system made famous by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Before diamonds are sent to us, they are graded by reputable laboratories like GIA or The International Gemological Institute (IGI). More about diamond grading.

Whereas, our colored gemstones, at With Clarity we only select AAA quality gemstones that are Standard Heat-treated. Heat-treatment gives higher gemstone grades for clarity and color, so you can buy with confidence. Our colored gemstones are graded by an internationally renowned institute to ensure AAA quality when set in your precious jewelry.

What is a jewelry appraisal? Do I need one?

A jewelry appraisal is a report that goes into gemstone and/or jewelry specificities. Additionally, the document establishes its value based on its relative rarity, market data, and gemstone quality/grades. Certified labs provide jewelry appraisals and jewelers usually offer them. At With Clarity request for a jewelry appraisal during the checkout process, contact us here

Do you need a jewelry appraisal? It depends. Our customers usually request one to confirm they got what they paid for. Moreover, jewelry appraisals are helpful especially when one wants their jewelry insured.

How do I clean gemstone or diamond jewelry?


1 Fill a small shallow bowl with plain soap and warm water
2 Soak your ring for 20 to 40 minutes
3 Remove any residue with a soft bristle toothbrush
4 Rinse with warm water
5 Gently pat dry with a linen or cotton cloth
6 Extra step: Use a polishing cloth
7 Repeat as necessary

Make sure to avoid powdered cleaners, toothpaste, salt, vinegar, dish detergent, chlorine, and baking soda.

What is a lab created diamond?

A lab created diamond is a unique stone that requires no mining. As stated in the name, lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory, and are not from the Earth. A budget-friendly option to natural/mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are real and possess the same chemical, physical, and visual properties as a natural diamond. The only difference is the formation and price-points.

Why does jewelry make the best gift?

Jewelry is one of the best gifts for someone--whether for a partner, spouse, mother, daughter, bridesmaid, new graduate, or new mom. Jewelry has a sentimental value and can be passed down for generations. Moreover, there are many styles and ways to personalize jewelry to your special person.

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How do you pick a meaningful gift?

1 Plan in advance.
2 Consolidate a list of your recipient’s jewelry/fashion style, hobbies, lifestyle, and personality. For example, are they eco-conscious? Lab diamond jewelry may be the way to go.
3 Is there a meaningful symbol you want to gift? An infinity sign is a beautiful way to express your unending love.
4 Select the jewelry style that checks off most of the boxes. (When in doubt go for a classic style)

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