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March 30th, 2021 | by Linda Em

Easter Jewelry Gift Ideas

The Easter Holidays are just around the corner. And like all holidays, Easter 2021 is an opportunity to give yourself or someone special in your life a beautiful piece of jewelry. You may be thinking about it “What’s so special about Easter?”

For Christians around the world, it is perhaps the best holiday after Christmas. It is the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A lot of people often mistake the Easter celebrations as a kiddie’s holiday. But what’s stopping adults from jumping on the action and making it even more glamorous?

Why Jewelry Makes for a Great Easter Gift

It is a season of sacrifice and love. You can surprise someone special this forthcoming holiday with an Easter gift in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry. If you’ve ever pondered why Jewelry makes the perfect gift, the following reasons may help convince you:

  • It isn’t usually bought. People typically treat themselves to new clothing, shoes, bags, etc. However, there are some items that aren’t basically bought because they are often thought of as a luxury and expensive. Jewelry is one of these items. Which makes it a great gift to anyone. Because they’d appreciate the gesture in a huge way, even more than you’d expect.
  • It has sentimental value. Most people can easily forget what gift represents what time in their lives. What they won’t forget is the pendant necklace you got them for Easter. Or the gold bracelet they were surprised with during New Year’s Celebration. Fact is, jewelry does not just hold a physical value but a sentimental value as well. Whenever they put it on, they’d always remember that you got it for them.
  • It is timeless. Everything goes out of style. Well, except for jewelry. Since time immemorial, people have been always fascinated about and enjoyed wearing them. And people will continue to wear them.
  • It is versatile. More often than not, when people hear ‘Jewelry’, they think it’s too expensive. But there are jewelry pieces for every budget or taste.
  • It is heirloom in the making. While you may consider jewelry as a gift, its relevance goes beyond that. Since it is timeless, it can be passed down to the next generation and the next after that.
  • It increases its value over time. Jewelry pieces are bought with the intention of the “now,” but it has the potential to increase over time. Not every jewelry will increase in value. However, specific gems such as diamonds have the potential too.
  • It can be gifted to people of all ages. It’s often stressful looking for a present that is suitable for people of all age groups. That’s not a problem anymore. No matter their age, they’d appreciate it.
  • It can be presented on any occasion. Jewelry can be gifted on any occasion. It could be a birthday, marriage anniversary, proposal, or special holidays such as Easter.

Top Easter Jewelry Gifts

Below are some of our top jewelry picks for this coming Easter to gift you are a loved one.

Trinity Lab Diamond Pendant

Trinity Lab Diamond Pendant

One jewelry you should consider buying for yourself or someone special is our Trinity Lab Diamond Pendant. It features especially hand-picked diamonds paired with 10-kt white gold metal. This pendant is not only beautiful to behold but exudes luxury and class—something you’d always think about when you put it on. This pendant is totally resistant to wear and tear, scratches and rust. On the plus side, it is affordable. So, you don’t have to drain your wallet to get it.

Charmer Lab Diamond Earrings

Charmer Lab Diamond Earrings

When you think about the perfect gem to rock this Easter, think about Charmer Lab Diamond Earrings. These earrings are specially made with lab (conflict-free) diamonds and 10kt yellow gold to create exquisite pieces that will add to the allure of any clothing. These earrings are quite affordable and would make quite an impression on anyone.

Cross Lab Diamond Pendant

Cross Diamond Pendant

Another fashion statement to rock Easter 2021 is this Cross Lab Diamond Pendant. This necklace depicts a cross made with handpicked lad diamonds—a sign that bears significant importance to all Christians the world over. The mere idea that someone gave up his life to save the world will make anybody appreciate the gift. It also features an 18-inch chain that is made with 14kt white gold metal, resistant to scratches and external pressures

Braided Solitaire Periodt Ring

Braided Solitaire Periodt Ring

Another Easter gift idea for that special someone is the Braided Solitaire Peridot Ring. This unique ring packs in a lot of attention with the peridot gemstone—the ancient symbol of love which Easter symbolizes. What makes this ring interesting is that you have the option of choosing the metal that’d be woven around the gem—white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Petite Solitaire Sapphire Ring

Petite Solitaire Sapphire Ring

Everyone loves a sapphire ring, which makes the Petite Solitaire Sapphire Ring interesting. This is one exotic accessory that should make a bold appearance on your finger. This ring exudes everything excellence is made out to be with the center gem and a band with smooth edges. This ring isn’t just a gift; it’s an heirloom.

Flourish Solitaire Amethyst Ring

Flourish Solitaire Amethyst Ring

If you’re looking for a ring with minimalist yet striking features, then this is your best bet. The Flourish Solitaire Amethyst Ring strikes a perfect balance between luxury and tranquility. Should make a stunning appearance for engagements or birthday celebrations. It features a band that is artistically woven to subtly bear the weight of the amethyst stone sitting at the top.

Easter is a time to celebrate the importance of love. It wouldn’t be out of place to celebrate yourself or someone special with a piece of jewelry. Whether you choose a unique lab diamond piece or a stunning gemstone ring, these jewelry pieces make for the perfect Easter Gift. What are you waiting for?

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